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Eye4 For Windows (Free)

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    Eye4 For Windows (Free)
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    Eye4 PC

Product Abstract:

Maximum support 81 multi-screen software screen automatically search automatically added T \ C Series IP Camera.

Product Description
Eye4 For Windows:Download
Super client sofeware independent R&D by Vstarcam compatible with various domestic and international solution provider of hardware, installation, easy to use, compatible with Winbond, Hayes and other program products, and friendly interface. Provide OEM, custom functions, the main basic functions
1) centralized monitoring up to 81 images;
2) support 24 hours recording, scheduled recording, alarm recording, alarm capture and other functions;
3) Support multi-level rights management;
4) support for multiple languages​​, providing Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, Spanish, Japanese and other versions;
5) support the log, history records check;
6) Support for remote video, local video playback, remote video playback, fast playback;
7) Support motion detection, alarm linkage;
8) Support manual page, auto flip;
9) support the flow of people is statistics; 
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