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Mobile Video Monitoring Platform

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    Mobile Video Monitoring Platform
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Mobile Video Monitoring Platform,Provide multi-screen cell phone monitoring, alarm logging, log, image storage, etc.

Product Description

Primarily for the telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom and other operators to offer 3G mobile video surveillance solutions that provide value-added services.

Our company developed a carrier-class network monitoring, management, operation platform, compatible with various domestic and international solution provider of hardware, powerful, user-friendly. Provide OEM, custom functions, the main basic functions are:

1) Multi-screen web client, without requiring the user to install the client software;
2) own DDNS server, supports dynamic IP;
3) logging, query;
4) SMS control, SMS deployment disarm, alarm messages;
5) focus on the video storage, image capture;
6) multi-level rights management, master account, sub account management at different levels;
7) The alarm management, alarm image storage and management;
8) alarm processing platform;
9) device management;
10) user account management, added;

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