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With the further development of the security industry, especially the video image system has significant changes. The network, intelligent video are the inevitable trend in the development of network video monitoring, which will be used in every corner of the world.
Shenzhen Vstarcam Technology Co.,Ltd, which is a professional network video monitoring factory. For the purpose of mutual benefit and win-win results with partners, and the common development, we company invites the regional general agent in the whole country.
On the basis of the voluntary, equality and mutual benefit principle to reach a cooperation agreement. Shenzhen Vstarcam Technology Co., Ltd and the regional agents will devote themselves to the development of the video monitoring network market, and to achieve the market share and the brand awareness, so that can provide new market opportunities and profit growth point.
1: The advantages of the VStarcam
Shenzhen Vstarcam Technology Co.,Ltd not only establish the scientific standards management, but also has formed a complete strategic cooperation management with the regional agents. We company will provide a comprehensive range of protective channel sales and the project implementation support for the regional agents.
(1) the most cost-effective network video surveillance products in the industry.
VStarcam take full use of the ISO9001 production process management, the internal management of the full implementation of ERP systems, with increased production of raw materials continue to reduce production costs. 100 is to launch a full range of variety of network cameras, fully meet the needs of various grades within the line. And passed the Chinese Ministry of Public Safety certification. Self-developed IP network camera management software is unique in the sun in the industry, as the dot-com meets all of the network cameras Gateway centralized management, research and development of the dynamic domain name resolution system that allows you to use Viagra as the dot-com in the series, when more handy, truly direct then the power cable can watch the fool-operation, all partners will be the first to capture the market share and maximize profits provide a great advantage.
(2) the industry's most complete line of network video surveillance products with the most perfect three-dimensional service system.
VStarcam, brings together first-class R & D and marketing elite, has the industry's most complete line of network video surveillance products, including auto industry through the gateway and the industry's first IP camera with a combination of linkage alarm host, bolt and other networks, network dome, PTZ network cameras, network high-speed ball and meet the different needs of network monitoring software products and related industry solutions. It is bound to promote the security industry, the popularity of video surveillance network and development. Extensive product line and solutions to improve the "pre-sale, sale,after sale" the three-dimensional service system .Partners will provide a great resource for a variety of customer support.
(3) Exactly market position
VStarcam headquarter is equipped with products marketing department. Not only get hold of market informations and compete trends at any times.but also combine with products’ technology performance and price superiority, can fix company’s position in each stage exactly, also for both products and service. Meanwhile we can transmit the market informations and related policies to agents in order to let the partners hold the market advantages on time, then proceed a related marketing strategy smoothly
(4) advanced enterprice culture and normative company management
VStarcam has excellent corporate culture and favourable business administration mode,standard ISO quality control system,good corporate reputation,high-efficiency operation. fast reacted business and service system. integrity management idea.impeccable management,will provide good business develop opportunity.
2: agent terms
Our campany have good financial position and fund credit, have fixed Security market background and place selling network. Can achieve the agent sales target on time,have particular after-sales capacity.
3: supports to agent
(1) area protection and projet support policy
according to the area competition and customers’ needs, VStarcam can provide multiterm special supports to help partners to develop their items smoothly.
First, special offer support;
Second, pre-sales technology support;
Third, custom made products support;
Fourth, staff and prophase market input support.
(2) The Support of the Brand Promotion Activities
we company will always advertise on the influential media, promoting the awareness of the VStarcam brand. We’ll support the regional agent from following aspects First, support the sales work of the local agents. Second support the agents to take part in the national exhibitions, informing them the exhibition information in advance, as well as inviting the cooperators and the users to visit the exhibition. Third, we can help the regional agents to hold the local activates, creating a good market environments can the sales opportunity. Forth, launch the rebate policy and the market advertising promotion fund policy to awards the cooperators’ efforts.

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