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  • Camera wireless install problem

    2 A comment - 1742 A visit

    Hi installed motion camera via cable to router fine Select wifi network and enter password, BUT the screen display on ipad does not show an 'OK' button. The screen is in portrait mode and not wide en ...

    2016-4-7 16:06 - Carrie - E Series

  • the eye4 software does not have the C95 (wireless doorbell)

    1 A comment - 1791 A visit

    Hi, I read the spec of the doorbell C95 and it shows WPS. I have my router setup WEP wireless and also enable the WPS. Here what I have tried so far: Note: Using my Samsung Note-3. I had two secur ...

    2016-4-27 09:45 - Anne - E Series

  • wireless ip

    1 A comment - 3090 A visit

    I got one of the wireless ip cams. had much trouble getting it setup. finally got connected. this is supposed to be a WIRELESS ip cam but when I unplug the Ethernet cable it stops functioning. that ...

    2013-6-5 09:12 - sunny - E Series

  • H6837WIP_problem connection wireless WiFi

    0 A comment - 5005 A visit

    Hello, my name is Luis Felipe and I am from Italy. I have recently bought an your camera (H6837WIP). I can\'t connection my camera in WiFi in my lan at my home. I followed your Installation Guide but ...

    2013-5-15 03:04 - sunny - E Series

  • Wireless on H68121I

    2 A comment - 2976 A visit

    I have H6812I cameras. Their packaging states WIFI, The Vstarcam website lists it on their Wireless cameras page. The embedded web UI has WIFI listed, but I am not able to see any wireless networks. ...

    2012-7-22 23:42 - jntrwrigh - E Series

  • Wireless Camera Review

    5 A comment - 3681 A visit

    2011-8-16 22:57 - scarlet_hong - D Series

  • Wireless Lan Settings!

    4 A comment - 4136 A visit

    Last Edited by John on 2011-9-16 11:35 Step 1: Make sure connect between IP camera and Router with network cables,then running IP camera Finder in CD to search for your IP camera,and click “open” ...

    2011-9-16 10:50 - John - D Series

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