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  • H6837WI Isues

    2 A comment - 4981 A visit

    Hi i have 2 issues with this camera When i try to set the parameters from my camera in Ip Cam Viewer return the errro Below "Could not connect to" these are the parameters: ip/host: qilx.dns.gocam.s ...

    2014-11-26 07:55 - hugaso20 - E Series

  • vstarcam: H6837WI cannot be linked

    2 A comment - 23310 A visit

    Dear all, A customer have problem linking to her camera using on her Third party APP, IP Camera Viewer Pro, we too confirmed that we cannot access as well. We think the mobile DDNS ...

    2013-7-16 09:00 - Abby - D Series

  • how to change default password on H6837WIP

    1 A comment - 9372 A visit

    hi, how do i change the default password 888888 of the H6837WIP so i can disallow others from accessing my home camera? DaytonaSS

    2014-11-10 21:47 - DaytonaSS - E Series

  • How to record H6837WI video to QNAP NAS?

    6 A comment - 8571 A visit

    Hi , Please help me. How do I set for H6837WI to record to QNAP NAS?

    2012-3-9 14:09 - perrygss - E Series

  • Vstarcam H6837WIP

    5 A comment - 9681 A visit

    Dear Sir, I have an electronics company and purchased a ip camera for evaluation. The camera has only been used for around one month. After a multiple power cut it failed. The camera still switches ...

    2013-9-23 11:39 - Abby - E Series

  • problem con H6837WI IPCAM

    4 A comment - 4641 A visit

    I bought from ebay six (6) H6837WI IPCAM some of which presented problems I want to know from you: 1) How many years have warranty 2) where i find a service in Athens (Greece) where I live Si ...

    2014-1-30 16:05 - nik101954 - E Series

  • H6837WIP Web UI auto-updated, Firmware fail

    1 A comment - 5205 A visit

    Ran the upgrade software on my 2 H6837WIP , and the Web UI auto-updated to v32.1.1.37 while the firmware update to failed (stuck at The update to also fails throug ...

    2014-5-13 23:31 - Nilist - E Series

  • problem with H6837WI

    6 A comment - 4955 A visit

    I have problem with H6837WI .The camera still switches on but it has lost all other function. I cannot connect to it by lan to update the firmware. I have tried pressing the reset for short and long p ...

    2014-2-1 20:12 - nik101954 - E Series

  • H6837WI IPCAM presented problems

    3 A comment - 4088 A visit

    Ho comprato da ebay sei (6) H6837WI IPCAM alcune dei quali hano presentato dei problemi vorei sapere da voi : 1) quanti anni di garanzia hanno 2) dove trovero un service ad Atene (Grecia) dove ab ...

    2014-1-30 16:29 - nik101954 - D Series


    0 A comment - 3897 A visit

    I bought from ebay da " " six (6) H6837WI IPCAM ,Tragically from (6) six who bought,did not work (5) five of them please help I want to know from you: 1) How many years have warranty 2) where ...

    2014-1-30 06:20 - nik101954 - E Series

  • H6837WIP PnP UID number collapse

    0 A comment - 5735 A visit

    hello H6837WIP PnP worked well. web v32.1.1.37 Smart upgrade tool app-pnp-Upgrade-vstarcam Flashed the camera firmware Break the Internet. Fails , the camera has stopped working put V ...

    2013-12-20 15:28 - aknot - E Series

  • H6837WIP How to update the firmware?

    1 A comment - 7663 A visit

    Edited by robbie2k at 2013-9-11 12:39 \n\nHi, I have a H6837WIP ip cam closed in a box by almost one year, because it has too much issues (unreadable videos recorded on the MicroSD principally, but a ...

    2013-9-11 12:39 - robbie2k - E Series

  • H6837WI

    1 A comment - 5441 A visit

    Hi, I have a H6837WIP ip cam closed in a box by almost one year, because it has too much issues (unreadable videos recorded on the MicroSD principally, but also other things). I'm trying today to upda ...

    2013-9-12 10:04 - Abby - E Series

  • Vstarcam H6837WI Fault

    0 A comment - 5597 A visit

    Camera will not automatically update from your website , Please see attatched page. Also if camera wizard is used and I try to view the camera , this message appears..... post data0 post data1 ...

    2013-8-6 09:05 - Abby - E Series

  • H6837WI

    1 A comment - 6977 A visit

    Dear sir and madam, i have bought a „H6837WI“ last year. Since two weeks i have no access to the camera. When I use the software „app-find-vstarcam“ the camera showes correctly, but when i click ...

    2013-7-19 14:08 - Abby - E Series

  • H6837Wi relationship between sun brigtness and VBR(variable bit rate)

    0 A comment - 4161 A visit

    Dear Support, Would like to check with you on the relationship between sun's brightness and VBR(Variable Bit Rate-video setting). I install my H6837WI at my home porch where it is sheltered. During da ...

    2013-7-17 20:37 - BEN - E Series

  • no uid on the bottem of H6837WI?

    4 A comment - 8041 A visit

    I just bought the H6837WI and everything says there's a uid number on the label but there's not. help?

    2013-4-2 10:47 - songoda - E Series

  • H6837WI IP camera

    1 A comment - 5417 A visit

    Hi Would like to inquire certain feature about this H6837WI ip camera. Can it do continuous video recording(without switching on computer) on memory card(sd card)? Heard there are 2 types of sd card ...

    2013-5-29 01:19 - onedata - E Series

  • H6837WI IP camera

    0 A comment - 5136 A visit

    Dear Sir, May I know why Support never reply emails or answer questions in forum? Anyway I have 2 questions for this H6837WI ip camera. 1. WHY video file which is recorded to the computer is in ...

    2013-6-15 10:06 - onedata - E Series

  • Vstar camera H6837WI

    0 A comment - 4246 A visit

    I just received my H6837WI IP camera in the mail and upon trying to set it up I realized that there is no QR code or UID number on the camera or anywhere in or on the box. How am I supposed to set th ...

    2013-5-28 05:55 - sunny - E Series

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