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A glimpse of the infinite network camera industry outlook
IPC 2014-06-13 17:50:47

A glimpse of the infinite network camera industry outlook

In recent years, the development of video surveillance market has high speed into the period, at the same time, with the major domestic carriers huge investment in network infrastructure, especially the rapid growth of 3G applications, quickly pushing the network camera in various fields application, following a look at the factors leading to the rapid development of network video surveillance industry what.

1, the government attaches great importance to information networks, especially for things highly valued.

2, the further development of smart home industry.

3, the community safety hazard prevention more seriously.

4, network camera compared to traditional analog cameras in handy, security, reliability, and stability performance, etc., there is a great advantage!

5, the demand for high definition, which is not possible with analog cameras obstacle.

Many domestic famous brands of network camera sales for several years to 300-400% growth rate, I believe in many well-known brands to promote, network camera industry will usher in faster development.

Advantages of network video surveillance applications

Global momentum of rapid development, network camera is growing at a 42% annual growth rate gradually replace traditional analog cameras become mainstream in the future of video surveillance market. Network video surveillance cameras become mainstream in the future market, and this is the advantage of the network camera itself cause

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