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Advantage of high-definition network surveillance cameras
IPC 2014-03-17 10:11:48

Advantage of high-definition network surveillance cameras

A high storage efficiency

2012 security industry from analog to digital video surveillance cameras , from digital cameras to the network camera , such rapid development and user demand increased gradually are inseparable. Today , the network has entered into millions of households, relying on network transmission of video surveillance has become a mainstream product . HD monitoring system for the user presents the perfect effect , but also for the storage, transmission and other peripheral equipment put forward higher requirements. HD monitoring capacity data storage medium to grow geometrically , and therefore requires more disk storage space as a support. HD storage can be divided into centralized storage and distributed storage , high-definition surveillance system transmitted signals are compressed storage , the higher the efficiency .

Second, low cost

IP video surveillance system structure is simple , low- cost cabling , especially in a variety of signals can be transmitted over the same network , the new control point or client are very convenient, of course, also in infrastructure can save the extra cost . Open IP system also allows the user anywhere, using a variety of ways to view video surveillance data , which provides users with the convenience of a traditional analog surveillance systems can not match . Based on open standards, network video products running on an IP network , you can use a standard PC server hardware rather than proprietary equipment, especially for large storage solutions can reduce system storage costs. According to the survey , in 2011 compared to 2010 network camera generally about 10 per cent price reduction , including high-definition surveillance cameras decrease of about 20 percent .

Third, the resolution of high-definition

Low resolution image clarity is the most important determining a condition of a minimum resolution of high-definition network camera is 720P, it 's the number of pixels is about nine times the CIF , while the number of pixels 1080i/1080P is about twenty times the CIF . Development of high-definition network camera can also be said to be rapid , millions and millions of pixels above the horizon in the product also began monitoring the industry. In order to ensure image quality ISP image processor plays an important role , ISP image processor not only can improve network camera image quality, but also can reduce costs associated with product quality, but also greatly enhance the stability of the video, to optimize the performance of the image. This is to enhance the image quality for high-definition network camera has an extremely important role. The HD analog video bandwidth is too wide because the camera is difficult to break through the bottleneck of transmission of video signals .

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