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Analysis of the advantages of network surveillance cameras
IPC 2014-03-08 10:08:44

Analysis of the advantages of network surveillance cameras

First, the savings. Traditional video surveillance cameras installed equipment is complicated, cumbersome process of laying lines , installation and commissioning workload . Network camera monitoring is abnormal simple, especially in some parts of the government , schools , businesses , etc., as long as the basis of its existing computer network to make a few minor expansion on , will be able to freely install network camera monitoring , reducing not the necessary construction work and additional maintenance , saving a lot of manpower and material resources now . This will not only widespread , but also facilitates centralized management.Network camera monitoring also supports dynamic IP networks, the use of free dynamic domain name server or third-party dynamic host software , so you do not have to worry about changing the IP address of the virtual dial-up and can not find a surveillance camera .

Secondly , in real time. Smooth results with the highest level of high -definition monitor has always been pursued , Network camera in its scale of up to 640 * 480 VGA resolution and browsing patterns per second twenty-five in the domestic variety of network camera monitoring second to none . Using MJPEG, MPEG4 compression pattern so that the bandwidth required for transmission to a minimum, and browse to the image effect can be comparable with the digital camera . Different controls registered more admissions MPEG video compression video stream pattern , like so immersive playback .

Finally, the ease of use . Easy to use network camera monitoring , whether on a personal computer installed Windows98, Windows2000 or WindowsXP, or Linux operating system , as long as the use of more than IE5.0 version of the browser or Navigator4.0 above browsers , you can directly input IP address of the Network camera to achieve the purpose of monitoring. Manipulation interface enables the operator with a humane able to do whatever they want as long as lift a finger .

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