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Choose four advantages of IP surveillance cameras
IPC 2014-03-14 10:24:02

Choose four advantages of IP surveillance cameras

Reason to choose surveillance IP camera are summarized as follows :

First, the network camera can be remotely accessed

The biggest advantage of IP video surveillance system is configured and accessed remotely . Anywhere in the world , more than at any time over the network authorized users can remotely access live and recorded video .

Second, the network camera is easy to integrate

Train monitoring system has many subsystems to manage these subsystems is very hard. IP camera can easily be integrated with other subsystems , is also easier with each station control room SCADA systems integration , thus greatly enhance the overall efficiency of the management.

Third, cost-effective network camera

Compared to common coaxial wire is applied on the train very expensive , because the train with a wire must also have the ability to fire . IP camera itself is less demand for cable , most IP cameras also support PoE function , which can greatly reduce the cost of cabling costs and power lines .

Fourth, the network camera is easy to install and use

IP surveillance cameras and the NVR can be easily connected to the TCN, connected to the train communication network ;

Compared with analog surveillance cameras , reducing cabling. No additional reserve coaxial cable, ideal for space-constrained environments compartment .

IP surveillance cameras and NVR can remotely access and manage the network.

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