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Common mode network camera for remote monitoring
IPC 2014-03-10 10:03:03

Common mode network camera for remote monitoring

1 , analog camera + video card ( PC ) in this way with more than a few years ago , because the price is relatively affordable . Generally use the free DNS service . Now rarely used , mainly due to the compression rate is not high , can not do in real time , but also for the higher bandwidth requirements , coupled with the recent shock and lose the price advantage of new products. Now is also a computer to do hosts.

2 , analog cameras + hard disk recorder (DVR) in this way is still a lot of people in the use , because it is the first way to do in terms of monitoring the host computer is no longer needed . And easy storage. Especially for the monitoring points are concentrated shops, factories and other small -scale video surveillance systems.

3, the analog camera + network video server (DVS) DVS is a new generation of network video encoding device , its better adaptability and centralized network management capabilities sought after by the market . Especially large-scale monitoring systems engineering , such as safe city , large factories , residential , etc. Compared to its DVR , the only downside is that a single device can support cameras DVR less than large ones .

4 , network camera (IP camera) the last two years the emerging surveillance cameras . Webcams completely get rid of the shackles of the analog monitor has good scalability , strong centralized management capability , construction and low cost. And network camera can also be transmitted in WIFI wireless network. The market is currently the most popular remote monitoring equipment. Suitable for any occasion . In particular branch of remote management, home care , etc. However, in a small number of monitoring sites are concentrated in the lower its price competitiveness. I believe that with the market and the technology matures, network camera surveillance market is bound to unity .

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