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Day and night network camera surveillance installation tips
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Day and night network camera surveillance installation tips

The first thing we do is to install video surveillance system , select the appropriate monitoring equipment , monitoring many types of cameras , just from the shape , let alone conduct a detailed functional analysis . Day and night surveillance network camera can also be called 24-hour surveillance cameras, the main material with an ordinary camera outdoor surveillance equipment , usually made of stainless steel casing, higher intensity explosion-proof design of the device . Surveillance cameras to work longer hours , and lived through the optical transition from day to night , to get a better picture quality, you can choose the most suitable sensor size is largely a 1/2 inch CMOS sensor , such as day and night network camera, lens wear, but also take into account the choice of lens . Even in low light or invisible camera dual advantage of ambient lighting at night , you can still use night mode, or use the control object near-infrared light , it needs a proper lens aspheric lens and infrared imaging technology and non- spherical lens can solve the color problem caused by a spherical lens can not focus, so that they form a clear image at night monitoring .

Taking into account the effects of night-vision surveillance , independent power supply ( plant monitoring ) , or a stand-alone installation of LED fill light ( traffic site monitoring ) prior condition monitoring infrared light day and night network camera allows . If you are using night vision surveillance BAT filters , so most of the surveillance camera network transmission , Poe became a power + video transmission. Will appear in the implementation process monitoring system wiring is because they do not provide a stable power supply mounting position has been re -designed surveillance cameras . Especially for those who need a separate power supply front-end equipment , looking for power has become a major problem wiring monitored to prevent the loss of the original meaning , the principle POE power supply system , as long as the data switch without interrupting the power supply side , POE HD network camera can working. But not all of the equipment for the POE power supply voltage conditions have become major factors hindering its development, slope standard support 15.4w operating voltage, which is not only a gun for PTZ cameras and PTZ camera motion detection or monitoring equipment dome camera, they need a lot of power cables power supply can not meet their needs, day and night surveillance camera mounting options should understand their purpose.

Equipment selection in the installation of wiring devices , an important step is to debug surveillance cameras need to debug a variety of functions , such as: synchronization, automatic gain, backlight compensation, shutter control , color, and so on . If you would like day and night , to adjust the camera angle is also very critical. Use automatic gain adjustment circuit structure within the complex network camera surveillance detection at the level of the video signal , so that in low light conditions , in order to obtain a clear image and improve equipment in the large aperture camera captured image sensitivity ; adjust the backlight compensation is a day and night network camera of particular note is that the camera can be independently game, but whether it will affect the quality of the image , you need to debug simulation environment to discover deficiencies in different regions ; general said color adjustment and clear, for example, digital surveillance cameras , software, color balance adjustment buttons have different buttons to adjust according to the factory settings , the demand will get a different image effects , or an excess of low brightness, or color is not very good .

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