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Development of the road network camera wireless home security light
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Development of the road network camera wireless home security light

With the rapid development of people's living standards improve and network technology, more and more in-depth security people . Development of children , especially in recent years to improve information technology and people's living environment , promote awareness of people on home security to an unprecedented strengthening. Thanks to the rapid development of network technology makes remote care of children, family pets , family situation and other real-time monitoring becomes a possibility. People can work in a busy or traveling , while remote access through inter- understand overview of their families and make timely analysis and judgment under the circumstances .

With the popularity of the network , more and more home network via ADSL or FTTX + LAN connected people to the Internet, the use of high-performance indoor indoor wireless AP or wireless router on the indoor wireless coverage , enabling wireless network camera for indoor installation , connected to a wired network via a wireless home network .

Features a system of

1 remote real-time monitoring capabilities

User monitoring client software , you can watch real-time remote monitoring of video over the Internet. Monitoring client software can be installed on computers and smartphones .

2 remote alarm and remote withdraw fortification function

Home wireless network camera wireless video surveillance system to monitor the images within 15 meters , and the first time the alarm information is sent to the user's mobile phone and client software . Users to use a computer or mobile client software can be easily monitored remotely arm and disarm the administration places .

3 graphics capabilities of network storage

Home wireless video surveillance system can save the surveillance video over the network. In the absence of police or disarmed state , according to a set time interval timer to save video monitoring sites on the network drive ; in the event of an alarm situation, can save images continuously until the hard disk on the network disarm the alarm so far . Users can watch the surveillance video playback at any time through the client software.

4 . Their night vision equipment , PTZ control , such as patients with functional

Select the wireless network camera with infrared night vision function , in the absence of light environment can be normal camera . If you use a 360 -degree rotating head , you can also make the greatly expanded the scope of monitoring to avoid monitoring dead , so that the use of a camera to achieve the effect of multiple cameras.

5 mobile interactive monitoring

Mobile phones are the strongest monitoring tools , you can install a powerful monitoring client software on smart phones , and ordinary non-smart phone , you can use the browser on your phone easily Yao see real-time and historical monitoring image . When an alarm occurs , the phone will receive a text message with a link surveillance images , the user can open the monitor images directly in the message . Accustomed to the use of mobile browser users , you can also send an SMS to the service number, the system automatically reply to the current message image link , the user can open the monitor image in a text message , but you can also use SMS to perform operations such as the withdrawal of fortification .

Second, the components of the system
System consists of a wireless router or wireless AP, wireless network camera , MODEM, power, network hard disk HD video recorder , sound and light alarms, computer terminals and other equipment. If the system needs to detect anti-theft feature, you can choose to use network hard disk HD video recorder (NVS), the use of mobile networks NVS image detection, alarm arming and automatic recording .

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