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Explain the concept and application features high-definition surveillance cameras
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Explain the concept and application features high-definition surveillance cameras

HD in the end is a what? Many people may still only vaguely know what 1080P . When you see digital TV in the ad , there will always say that they support 1080i/1080P such standards, not to mention the TV now on the market a few can achieve such a requirement. Let's look at both 1080i and 1080P represent what it meant - 1080i and 720p are internationally recognized digital high -definition television standard . Where i represents interlaced letters , the letter P stands for progressive scan. 1080, 720 represents the vertical resolution can be achieved . 1080P HD signal format is the home of the highest standard .

We often say that the digital high -definition television , refers to shooting , editing, production, broadcasting , transmission, reception and a series of television broadcast signals and receive the whole process is the use of digital technology. Digital HDTV is a digital television (DTV) standard, the most senior one, referred to as HDTV. It is the number of horizontal scan lines of at least 720 lines of high-resolution TV , 16:9 widescreen mode , and multi -channel delivery. HDTV There are three kinds of scanning formats , ie 1280 * 720p, 1920 * 1080i and 1920 * 1080p, country uses a 1920 * 1080i/50Hz.

HDV, its standard concept is to develop a home camcorder, it can be easy to record high-quality, high-definition images. HDV standard can be used with existing DV tape , in its capacity as the recording medium. Thus, by using a digital camcorder , you can reduce development costs and improve development efficiency. High-definition digital video camera can guarantee " authentic " when playing videos without reducing image quality. According to this standard , high-definition screen can be used for DV tape recording, the sound quality is better. With this standard cameras out of the picture can reach 720 lines of progressive scanning ( resolution of 1280 * 720 ) , and 1080 lines interlaced scanning mode ( resolution 1440 * 1080 ) . Sony HC1E is the use of 1080 -line interlaced mode .

Features high-definition network camera

A, high-definition images

HD IP network camera , which uses a 5-megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor resolution up to 720P (1280 * 720 resolution ) / 1080P (1920 * 1080 resolution ) full-time broadcast image quality , sharpness far higher than the CCD analog cameras in the traditional sense , the real goal of high-definition monitor .

B, systematic environmental adaptability

System with adaptive intelligent regulation mode , it will automatically adjust the iris , gain, noise , etc. , depending on the parameters of the network camera lighting conditions , can always keep the most perfect picture effect . Because the system to achieve the monitoring from the collection to the memory of all-digital, therefore, in the traditional sense of the presence of cameras affected by the changes directly affect the quality of light phenomenon would not exist. While for ubiquitous video line transmission signal interference , also will completely disappear.

C, lifelike color reproduction

System uses video capture and compression chip , from world-famous brands in the United States , also sony Panasonic professional broadcast -quality video capture chip provider, color display comparable professional 3CCD camera color reproduction in color image fidelity , color information processing, wide dynamic noise reduction , and many other systems all have an absolute advantage.

Long D, system life

Because the system uses a CMOS image sensor , so the camera power consumption , low heat . Stability is also much higher than traditional analog cameras. And because the components are relatively simple , the failure rate is relatively low. Will support POE power supply via the network cable directly to solve the on-site power supply problems.

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