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Extended network camera functions
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Extended network camera functions

One performance will hinge on the role of intelligent ip camera after the evidence is not limited , but more can be proactive and timely perception of the network camera video change occurs , such as the camera lens is blocked , lost or perspective transformation , and can be sent alarm signal for active prevention. As mentioned above , the duty officer monitoring center can not cover everything , but intelligent network camera can provide early warning signal for the first time , to draw attention to the duty officer .

The extension of this function , then it will not only be able to carry out the defense of human factors , but also can be used to identify a number of natural disasters detection and alarm, such as dangerous location avalanches, earthquakes, landslides , etc. -prone , arranged on a scale ruler Cross the camera moves when the video image when fortified points to cross a certain ruler warning scale , intelligent software embedded inside the camera will automatically start recording, fixed and pre / post alarm operation , the duty can be viewed and treated the first time , in order to minimize the loss .

Intelligent network camera not only in that it can sense changes in the front-end video monitoring equipment , but it also can be received for intelligent video content analysis , for example for road vehicles video analysis to capture the license plate , license plate recognition ; on the aisle , entrance video analysis for face capture, thus achieving face Index , photographs and contrast functions ; public places video analysis, implementation action figures capture, retention suspicious objects such as alarms and automatic tracking function , which for real life applications are very helpful.

Moreover , intelligent network camera most important thing is not alone, to keep the whole entire video surveillance system linkage , ie, the network camera to be connected with various detectors , after receiving the respective zones burglar alarm signal , the corresponding network camera should be able to automatically go to the appropriate location and video, in order to achieve a more complete security monitoring capabilities.

Intelligent network camera is a prerequisite for intelligent video surveillance system and a necessary condition , but intelligence can achieve much more than part of the above enumerated , for example, by embedding intelligence software, but also be able to identify characteristics of the whole movement of people , thus avoid congestion, which for large supermarkets and even railway stations to respond to peak flow has a very significant role , but by the people in front of the residence time of the length of an object can also estimate the attractiveness of a product or a publicity strategy to adjust sales program products. Today, the use of intelligent video analysis technology products in high-end security surveillance market has been more and more applications in the future is bound to the low-end market penetration security monitoring , security monitoring industry to become a qualitative leap .

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