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Eye4 Smart Cloud
Solutions 2013-09-28 15:59:14

Eye4 is a remote video system developed for civilian consumer market, including cloud service platform, cameras, and various viewing software.

Technology changes our lives; technology changes our field of vision!
Welcome the remote video to the thousands of families!
Witness the power of Technology!


1 advanced cloud architecture: large capacity, high reliability, high security;
2 fool installation: simple and easy;
3 wide range of application: baby and pet care, staff management, anti-burglar, etc.;
4 Powerful features: real-time recording, Snapshot, talk-talk, motion detection, wifi connection.
5 Economical: highly integrated hardware applied, high PPR(Performance to price ratio).
6 supports various platforms: one could account, can view via iPhone, iPad, Android, PC ect, to view at anytime anywhere and anyhow!

Anytime Anywhere   

"Allow you to view the real time picture, snapshot, recording, access the TF card videos at any time anywhere via your mobile phone. Talk back with the two way audio function.
If someone entered the surveillance picture, your mobile phone can remind you with the Dectection Reminder function. "

Fool Installation

Step One: Connect the camera
Step two: Download Eye4 mobilephone client software
Step three: scan camera QR code

Only three steps to view the camera.
No more IP address, no more port mapping!

Smart Camers terminals

Eye4 terminals have equipped with highly integrated chip, strong feature with low power consumption.
Different types of Camera, to meet different requirement.
Auto-register to the Eye4 cloud platform after the camera is connected with network.
Built-in microphone and speaker, you can listen and talk via your viewing software

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