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HD IP Camera in the direction of the future development
IPC 2014-04-15 11:24:16

HD IP Camera in the direction of the future development

Cost -definition network camera is still the main factors hinder the rapid development of the market . According to the survey , 2011 general price reduction of about 10 % over 2010 network camera, high-definition surveillance cameras in which a drop of about 25%. However , with the increase of high-definition network camera shipments , CCD, CMOS , and other core components prices, overall prices will decline further.

HD network camera with more industrial applications will be combined in the future can achieve seamless integration of business information industry and high-definition network camera , which provides users with greater system performance. For example , high-definition IP camera image recognition , some information will be communicated in real time to the business units in order to play a role in the rapid early warning .

HD network camera will be better integration of Internet technology , can provide a variety of different ways , real-time image stream for multiple users . HD network camera can send alarm information and images via E-MAIL, MMS and other tools. But also for data exchange via Weibo , QQ and other Internet communication tools , and a terminal , such as real-time video broadcast , and so on .

HD network camera can load a variety of applications based on user needs, as high-definition ip camera is embedded devices with the operating system. A variety of different applications can be downloaded via the network administrator to HD cameras , just like our smart phones to download the application the same. This makes the application of high-definition network camera more in line with user needs.

HD network cameras combined with intelligent features, high-definition network camera megapixels to achieve intelligent algorithm provides a good environment. Intelligent algorithm can be based on the original image definition , do some identification of applications. For example: perimeter guard , stolen goods , dangerous goods left over , traffic statistics , flame detection , face recognition, license plate recognition , to meet the needs of customers in different industries .

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