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HD network camera cost more expensive than analog monitor it?
IPC 2014-04-12 11:12:48

HD network camera cost more expensive than analog monitor it?

There are a lot of friends on the cost of high-definition ip camera have more misconception that the cost of high-definition network camera will be a lot more expensive than ordinary standard definition analog cameras , it is not true , we would do the following comparison of the various systems .

1 , points 1-2 home surveillance camera system comparison: If the basic configuration is simulated : camera, bracket , power supply, coaxial video cable 75 European , DVR DVR , NVS HD video recorder ; using high-definition network camera the configuration is : camera, bracket, power supply , cable, five small switches ( usually with a router at home on it ), NVR DVR . Before the first half of 2013 mainly spread in the camera and DVR, cable prices are now almost the same price with a coaxial cable , but in the past 2013 HD network camera after several waves of big price war, prices have there is no difference of 700 lines with analog cameras , so, a few points home with simulated price difference is not already set up more than 100 yuan . Not to mention the quality , network cameras is at least 3 times the pixels, and the remote viewing can be achieved directly connected to the camera's point , if we just want to do a random remote control, then we simply connect the camera to the the router can achieve remote viewing , you can save a VCR link, this function is analog surveillance cameras can not do, so the cost is also cheaper than analog .

2 , 8-32 points commercial surveillance camera system comparison: If the configuration is used to simulate the above mentioned products , the type of routing is more complicated , the number of points necessary number of lines to the engine room of cloth ; and if you use a network camera that wiring can use the small switches heart wiring according to the distribution of the camera , this method can save some wire and cabling costs , if you use the network cable POE power supply scheme, you can also save a lot of power lines this cost is in the wiring of a lot cheaper than analog , so if to a 16 -point system , the cost of high-definition network camera monitoring system than the analog camera monitoring system of some cheaper .

3 , 32 points or more surveillance camera system cell or community comparison: Such systems usually require additional video wall project , analog front-end configuration also used the above mentioned products, cabling is more annoying lock complex if it comes to , you also need to do a coaxial cable between the floor and the floor to engage in interference processing gain , to distribute the signal to the TV wall when it is necessary to add video distributor , the situation is --- when an equipment rack , hundreds of cables , thousands of lugs ; and if you use the ip camera, cabling can also use a small heart-shaped switch wiring according to the distribution of the camera , you can use the optical transmission between floors , an optical fiber can transmit 100 Road to 1080P HD monitoring data , and the price is also cheaper than cable , such an approach can be lower than the analog wiring costs about 50% , if you use the net purebred POE power supply scheme, you can also save a lot of power lines , which in the wiring costs than analog cheap more, in terms of high-definition television signal wall , network camera surveillance system than an analog camera monitoring system has a natural advantage in the engine room wiring , even a way to monitor hundreds of video signals over, you are in the room just see a fiber optic cable , a dozen video management video wall way too long of a multi-channel video decoder can be achieved , and for the security of data , monitoring data can also be stored and decoding points to take more than points while backups are stored .

We analyzed several cases above , you can see high-definition network camera surveillance system in terms of cost and not more expensive than analog surveillance systems , and in the application of large-scale systems will be more convenient than analog , and lower cost.

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