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HD network camera for future technology trends
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HD network camera for future technology trends

Today, the "Green City" , "smart city" rise building in the country , so many people are aware of the importance of protecting their lives and property safety . Due to the wide application of high-definition network camera , people gradually increase the demand for monitoring , so that the digital security monitoring , network development direction more clear and precise . Such changes in the security market , for many users, the benefits are : to experience a sense of close monitoring of the front-end client and manipulation . Today, security technology , networking and cloud computing technologies combine three technologies will better guide the development of the security industry.

Chinese surveillance market monitoring market developments in the development process , network monitoring is not meat and potatoes of the beginning , mainly because , compared with the transmission of analog products , network monitoring technology advantage is not obvious. To use the network video surveillance market to win , we must vigorously develop high technology and addressing the limitations of their development problems. In recent years due to technical reserves and network facilities ip camera in perfect high definition IP Camera have improved significantly.

HD network camera for future technology trends

1, coms gradually replaced ccd

ccd cmos sensor response speed faster than the performance cmos sensors are being improved rapidly. Therefore more suitable for high-definition monitor features a large amount of data .

2 , and constantly improve the resolution

Network camera on the market has a 1.3 megapixel resolution , 2.0 megapixel , 3 million pixels to 500 million pixels , 800 million pixels , even as millions of pixels of products have begun to emerge . So people are getting higher and higher resolution requirements .

3 , standardization

Whether standard onvif or psia, are self-organized enterprise formation . The next few years , will become standardized definition network cameras to the market permits.

4, isp is encoded chip

By integrating isp, not only can significantly reduce system costs , but also significantly enhance the stability of the video, optimized video performance in optical aspects . This is to enhance the image quality for high-definition network camera has its important role.

5 , more practical intelligence analysis function

Already implemented in high-definition network camera or being implemented intelligent analysis functions: video block with video loss detection, video change detection , video blur detection, video motion detection , access demographics , population movement and congestion identification, items left behind identification , intrusion identification and so on. These features seem intelligent analysis than in the past to be " inferior " much , but it is more practical.

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