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HD network camera monitoring trends
IPC 2014-03-31 12:05:41

HD network camera monitoring trends

With the advent of closed-circuit monitoring system is the development of television and network camera growing up in this short course of several decades of development, from the 20th century 7.80 years, with the rise of the new technological revolution, the microprocessor further spread and developed, from the birth of black and white surveillance cameras, and now the introduction of high-definition network camera, camcorder lines from three hundred eighty-line developed to the latest HD IP Camera lines can reach thousands of lines.

In the field of video surveillance, but also to today's high-definition network camera stage, where HD video is HDTV. As the international market and domestic market for the popularity and extensive use of surveillance systems, people have become increasingly demanding of the image, from the beginning to see the picture, and now you want a clear image, can be processed to analyze the future high-definition images. So in terms of technology with the development of industry and user demand for high-definition high-definition images, FullHD HD has become a new trend of industrial development.

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