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HD network camera singing the line technology to develop new markets
IPC 2014-04-18 16:25:37

HD network camera singing the line technology to develop new markets

With the rapid development of video surveillance technology , especially the rapid development of network video surveillance technology , customers are demanding video surveillance products is rising , requiring function better , more stable, clearer image . See how the facial features of a person ? How to look at a vehicle driving license ? In the hustle and bustle of the train station open areas , stadiums , squares , etc. , and how to expand surveillance coverage ? HD video surveillance products has become an important trend in the development of security . As an end user , what the industry needs urgent for high-definition video surveillance , which may lead the industry definition surveillance market , users of these industries will be the first to experience high-definition network monitoring object .

China's security market is currently on the high-definition network surveillance market is basically still in the stance phase , various chip makers , product providers, system integrators, system platform providers on sales of high-definition network surveillance market is still testing the waters phase, high-definition network monitoring technology systems are still in the period of constantly running perfect .

As the forefront of high-definition video surveillance equipment , high-definition network camera provides video surveillance sources , will carry high-definition video encoding and IP encapsulation over an IP network to carry high-definition images , enabling high-definition monitors , video and other monitoring functions. Development of high-definition network camera from multiple aspects of the transmission speed and clarity and comprehensive view of the application . President of China, Ltd. Axis network communications Yong told reporters , when the high-definition network cameras beginning to realize the megapixels of resolution, but can not provide full frame rate of transmission . Now megapixels HDTV standards and more prominent , 720P, 1080P standard applications is becoming increasingly popular , with a 16:9 widescreen format , frame rate has been continuously improved, and compliance Ge -HDTV standard , using H.264 compression technology enables transmission of high-definition images are achieved. With the combination of HDTV standards and intelligent pre- application , the development of high-definition ip camera will be more rapid .

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