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HD network cameras continue to impact the market analysis IPC program
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HD network cameras continue to impact the market analysis IPC program

In recent years , network camera continue to impact the market, with the increasing demand of the market , there is a growing concern for high-definition network camera solutions , Texas Instruments (TI), Hass (HiSilicon), Ambarella (Ambarella), NXP Philips (NXP), up step (GrainMedia), Nextchip What are the characteristics in the end , the following small series will take you under them.

HD network camera solutions currently on the market are basically three architectures :

The first category is the use of high-end camera modules ( movement, such as ACUTE the PE1005, SONY 's H11) as an image capture device , supporting an ASIC or DSP compression coding and transmission, such programs is relatively high , due to the use of professional imaging module the original image quality is good , so the effect of the whole IPC products supporting it largely depends on the effect of compression and transmission module , the main indicator is the compressed image clarity and timeliness , generally , a high-end program uses this framework ;

The second category is the use of high-end image acquisition as part of the camera module , and then supporting an ASIC or DSP for encoding compression and transmission, such analogies are operational and the first part of more such lenses can freely mix your own , you can also customize some special features to the product value. Imaging results of such programs is very good on the back-end compression and transmission are not too many requirements. Very suitable for compression and transmission of network control technology but there are requirements for image quality manufacturers use .

The third category is the use of CMOS sensor (SENSOR) as an image capture device , supporting the provision of ISP SOC chip , such programs have significant cost advantages , imaging results of such programs depends on the chip maker Integrated ISP ( such as 3A, wide dynamic , etc. ) effects ; there is a more obvious advantage of such programs is relatively flexible and can be customized according to the characteristics of the program, such as capture, oversized low frame rate video.

For high-definition network camera , the network protocol and SDK is a very important aspect , each company has its own network protocol and SDK, and basically dedicated exclusively . That each network camera is incompatible , not replace each other , if the outsourcing module approach in this regard is a big trouble, including systems integration, customer care , and this will bring a lot of problems. HD network camera combines the core of the current security industry 's most cutting-edge technologies and applications: networking, HD and intelligent , but also a necessary condition for integration .

1 Based Modules + SOC (DSP) application program

At present the advantages of such programs is a good image effect , generally comes with the lens. Network compression module now supports 1080P is currently mainly DM6467 and DM368, Maxim 's MG3500, Fullhan Microelectronics FH8735, Fujitsu MB86H56, NXP 's PNX1005, Hass Hi3516/20 TI and so on. DSP-based architecture which do have a DM6467 and intelligent analysis PNX1005 , etc. each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Where TI is the leader in this industry , so TI is also relatively high. Advantage of such programs is the image better, is relatively easy to develop , the disadvantage is the lens curing , not according to their own requirements using the lens , which is developing and supporting the freedom of small projects , is the first choice for high-end customers .

2 Based BoardCamera + SOC (DSP) application program

Such programs appear on the market currently has more Hi3516 TI and Hass , etc. Such programs would fit mastered the network compression and transmission technology and high demand for image customers, the front of the sensor and the isp has integrated color illumination reduction targets and other aspects are treated very excellent , such as the Division I PE0003 block very well and DM368, HI3616 programs such cooperation. Validated by the customer , the image effect is very good . Excellent image quality of such programs , the development of a large degree of freedom , based on customer requirements, customization and optional features to be shot .

3 Based SENSOR + SOC (DSP) application program

Such programs appear on the market and more are Ambarella TI is also currently the largest high-definition machine shipments , the market price is very confusing, ridiculously low low , high and surprisingly high . Advantage of such solution is the low cost , is easier to develop , can be substantially used up to fight ; drawback is that the image quality is not good with the module or modules (depending on the chip to provide the ISP).

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