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Home Network Camera Products
IPC 2014-04-30 16:51:09

Home Network Camera Products

Home network camera for home and other civilian users designed network monitoring solution , but also the traditional network camera and cloud networking technology combined with a new generation of product . It uses network technology to video, audio, and alarm monitoring systems together, through processing server will be saved and sent to other useful information data terminals, such as mobile phones , ipad, computer and so on. As people 's safety awareness day by day , more and more people , especially people who travel often begin to consider installing a home network cameras.

Requirements Analysis

With the rapid development of family information , user demand for home security is increasingly strong performance , network camera will be maintained rapid development. WIFI and 3G -based video surveillance is also testing and trial commercial , home video surveillance because of the huge data and signal flow dependence on the network , you need to deploy home gateway and home video cameras, making the development and promotion difficult. Under the safe city , safe family policy guidance , home network environment continues to improve and enhance the user 's spending power , security conscious growth , increased stand- lived family , the domestic home monitoring will begin to rise .

With the improvement of people's living conditions, domestic demand for suitable civilian security monitoring system becomes very strong. In response to market demand, industry applications originally based network video surveillance equipment from the appearance , function, application and prices are close to the home market of consumer demand , a large number of network video surveillance equipment for the home video surveillance products represented the beginning of the influx of civilian market , with strong technology, stylish design and cost-effective, subtly changing the status of the development of the domestic security of the civilian market . Domestic prices of terminal equipment are becoming increasingly civilian , accompanied by falling prices of end products as well as operators continue to promote the individual market , users will be more spontaneous , active application of home video surveillance business .


Home monitoring market development and popularization of the mobile monitoring , mobile phone monitoring is closely linked to the link. Home monitoring market has enormous opportunities to expose the relative industrial ip camera , the home network camera operation easier , and more affordable prices , these are the advantages of home network camera lies. Stage for the home monitoring domestic market, although its infancy , but it has a very broad market prospects , insiders pointed out that the future will be the home network camera technology with the development of wired and wireless network technology has been leap, the popularity of home network camera will change people's daily lives. The future of video surveillance operations in the consumer market development potential users may have equal shares and industry markets.

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