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IP surveillance cameras radiation from the professional market to the civilian market
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IP surveillance cameras radiation from the professional market to the civilian market

Security industry has always been a professional and closed market , especially in the IP network camera operation , because of its installation, commissioning and subsequent maintenance requires specialized technical support and IT network knowledge , and thus make the network video surveillance in the domestic market is slow to promote the long-term status . Under promote However , in recent years, high-definition video transmission technology and the popularity of wireless mobile terminals , such as a large number of factors, consumer products came into IP surveillance network camera , and gradually into the mass consumer electronics market. Conventional IP video surveillance cameras is different, the biggest feature of these products is to break the people's IP surveillance network camera installation cumbersome negative impression , using a more convenient way to install the settings to suit the needs of the general consumer use .

In order to overcome the complexity of installing IP network camera , various manufacturers have struggled , for example, by wireless mobile App application software products , two-dimensional code scanning , etc., to simplify the installation process , accelerate the popularity of the product. In addition , another problem for consumer IP network camera - generally requires the user can at any time in different locations to watch real-time surveillance video , but because of the status of the monitored area or watch the network location of the existence of a wide variety of firewall restrictions , although there are several options to solve this problem ( such as P2P network penetration function or relay contacts , etc. ) , but manufacturers are still trying to use a more simple way to deal with.

For system vendors and manufacturers, how to improve the ease of installation and compatibility IP network camera surveillance and back-end NVS system is an important direction of the industry requires continuous effort.

In addition , the concern is that the process of rapid civilian IP surveillance network camera for all levels of the industry chain manufacturers brought opportunities , and because of expanding market reach , making the price of the product closer toward consumer electronics products and low price of become a trend , which also requires core chip manufacturers to continue to introduce more competitive product solutions

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