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Installation and commissioning requirements IPC network camera
IPC 2014-06-06 11:53:40

Installation and commissioning requirements IPC network camera

One benefit of IPC network camera is that it makes it easier for the system to add, and it is easy to realize the installation. With the help of a number of integrated management software, a user can expand their network camera systems to accommodate more cameras. Larger sites, including schools, airports, large commercial enterprises and retail outlets, this type of system might be useful. Another advantage of the network camera system is that it is better than most other types of surveillance cameras cost higher.

Select an IPC network camera surveillance to assess the nature and function. Another thing to watch is the resolution. Resolution is very important, because it determines the clear image. Higher resolution images are better, easier to identify suspicious or criminal activity. Overall, the network camera system that can provide very useful monitoring solution, especially in large-scale monitoring area. These types of cameras can provide excellent images, and can help maintain a certain degree of security.

In the general security monitoring system installation, installation and commissioning methods IPC network camera and ordinary camera is basically the same, but must pay attention to good lens optional, because of poor quality of the lens, or the optional bad, will largely affect the clarity of the screen. Installation commissioning commissioning must adjust the lens focus is good, especially the back focal plane of the camera to align, often focusing lens unclear cause blurred image, reach high-resolution requirements.

Another guard IPC network camera can not be ignored, the front glass shield gun can not be used generally flat glass, but must adopt better optical glass, flat glass for the general resolution of the image has a very powerful role in weakening , the choice of spherical enclosure should note that the curvature of the sphere must be a smooth transition, it is best not to put the lens at the upper edge of the sphere, light refraction larger force here, even seriously affect the clarity of the image. It is important that no matter what kind of cover, the best light as low as possible within the enclosure, the distance between the lens cover is as short as possible, so make the front of the lens to reduce light pollution to a minimum, help to improve image clarity.

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