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Like the head of " back door" home life may be Webcast
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Like the head of " back door" home life may be Webcast

" Security cameras at home , how to become a wanton peeping eyes of others ? " March 27 , CCTV news online public exposure of a hacker major brand network camera loopholes and cracking software , easy control of someone's home webcams .

Apart from the control of the hacker also turn on the camcorder , the user 's every move in life filmed on a network "live ."

After the incident came to light only in the "CCTV News" microblogging account will lead to more than 1,600 people to forward messages .

After hacking scored , want to see what what

March 27 , CCTV news exposure on the market a lot of home network surveillance camera hidden safety problems , after being hackers " captured " as the others ' eyes . " Unlike common network camera, which is a combination of traditional cameras and network technology products , as long as the plug in the power and network , remote viewers as long as a standard web browser to monitor their image , now used for domestic and security units.

"As long as control of the cameras , remote hackers can use to your every move , panoramic view ." Hacker black into the home network camera , the camera function opens anywhere , just a piece of cake . Like a camera with a rotating function , hackers can remote control their camera angle, if with sound effects, a hacker can direct dialogue with the user.

"In short , as long as the network camera through the power attached to the network , the hacker can snoop around the clock ." Cosine told reporters , in addition, there are more amazing skills, such as the movie " Mission Impossible ", the science and technology experts often use the " cover-up " : pre- pre-recorded video or still images interception by code procedures, implanted into the network camera inside . Thus, when the user opens the home camera view home situation , hackers will see the contents of the implant in advance , even if the transfer of information, but also can not see the truth .

Hacked webcam

Also know your home address

"Network Camera is actually a monitoring device connected to the Internet , usually connected to the power and network cables , you can through the network, users remotely view . Precisely because of this operating characteristics , so it might have a hacked . " April 1 , for the case of the process , cosine guidance reporter by telephone to verify the entire break process.

"Different brands and models of network cameras, to be used in different attacks ." Then he sent to reporters a link , after opening , the page can not be displayed reminder . But cosine was on his computer to see the reporter 's IP address and personal information.

Network camera operation is achieved through the network technology . So the hacker attack before , there may be a link through a similar trick to get the user 's IP address , and then taking an independent IP network camera through ZoomEye other sites, after scanning the entire network , not only to confirm the specific brand and model , attack, but also to achieve accurate positioning, even residential address of the user can be found .

Chongqing 1,300 public Internet home camera exposure

" The reason can be cracked home network camera , the first is the safety performance of the camera itself ." Yesterday , long engaged in the construction of intelligent design , the industry security design work in an interview with reporters Zheng Kang believes that home network cameras threshold is low , the operating simple , its stability is relatively poor, so it is easy to break.

In this regard, the cosine agreed. "We had more than a dozen domestic and foreign brands of network camera conducted a survey and found that a large number of cameras are present vulnerability that some firmware flaw , some manufacturers for the future is remote debugging , service and deliberately leaving ' back door ' . " through these vulnerabilities , hackers can bypass the landing platform , directly into the control of the network camera.

According to statistics show that Chongqing home network camera exposed to the public Internet are about more than 1300 units.

In addition, weak user security awareness is a major factor. Cosine told reporters that during the investigation , they found that many users when in use, the camera did not modify the default password. So long as the master hacker camera independent IP, you can effortlessly go to Control Department , spy users' lives .

Prevention reminded indoor camera off when not in use

"The Internet itself is a double-edged sword , brought us convenience when it inevitably involve network security ." Hacking is currently performing a specific target , no large-scale outbreak , so the people do not need to panic , but in use, should remain vigilant.

As home security , then the user can point the lens toward the door and windows, if it is indoor surveillance , you can do it , unplug the network cable , power supply.

"And also time to upgrade the network camera firmware , view the product announcement official website vulnerabilities timely upgrade patch vulnerabilities ." Cosine added, in addition , the user must change the camera management platform login password, do not use the default password.


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