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Limitations of CMOS HD network camera
IPC 2014-03-15 10:58:46

Limitations of CMOS HD network camera

Since 2010 , after two years of market cultivation , HD camera is moving from the "trend " into " reality ." Many high-definition network camera manufacturers have sprung up , traditional analog camera manufacturers have gradually transition to high definition . In the market, more and more agents , contractors and users recognized definition . It can be said that since 2012 , high-definition network camera began to usher in the peak period of development.

Specifically, although still generally called "Million HD" , but the clarity of high-definition network camera has been greatly improved, from 600,000 pixel , 1.3 million , 2 million to 5 million increments , and some manufacturers even declared the pixel level has been raised to 20 million ; in the transmission mode , IP and HD-SDI have been rapid development , and each occupies no small market share. Furthermore , in terms of color reproduction and intelligent analysis, high-definition network camera has also been greatly improved.

However, as technology is not mature enough , high cost and other factors, the mainstream HD camcorder products focused on the government , banks and other high-end market , other areas are still analog products. Which is currently widely used CMOS chip HD camcorder , its low color saturation, texture and sharpness performance is slightly inferior in low light at night , shooting is often less than ideal. Based on this , a number of manufacturers have introduced a 960HCCD Network HD products, using Sony Effio-EN700 line program , illumination , pure digital interface to reach around 600,000 pixel image , not only during the day and can shoot high-definition night color imaging can clearly and effectively solve the problem of high-definition night vision network camera .

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