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Look, the 2013 surge in the civilian market network camera
IPC 2014-04-03 11:33:54

Look, the 2013 surge in the civilian market network camera

Network Camera is a combination of a new generation of cameras traditional cameras and network technology generated , it can be transmitted over the network to another image side of the planet , and the remote viewer without any specialized software , just a standard web browser that is can monitor their image.

With the rapid development of network video surveillance , public and civil surveillance market surge in demand for the security industry has brought more opportunities and challenges. 2013 , speed the development of civilian control of the market, so that the newborn IPCamera ( network camera ) has become the hottest video surveillance products , spawned a series of innovative security companies.

A prediction : IPCamera monitoring market an absolute advantage in the future

China has experienced analog video surveillance market surveillance , digital surveillance and network monitoring three main stages , with analog control , digital surveillance is not the same , in addition to rely on the development of network monitoring utility market , the civilian market , such as small and medium enterprises , factories, supermarkets, convenience stores , strong demand for family and other users , played an indispensable driving force.

According to authoritative statistics , in 2012 the global market surveillance equipment shipments of up to 90 million units, which accounted for 9.9% of IPC . As from analog video surveillance market surveillance monitoring, network monitoring figures to a successful transition stage , this proportion or will quickly pulled . Trend, network monitoring equipment has become the middle and lower reaches of security companies must grasp winning "sword ."

Second, the problem : The network created everything, the opportunities and challenges Network Camera

IPCamera unprecedented popular , IPCamera array of products on the market , in the form of all sorts , but it varies greatly , the prevalence of several disadvantages :

1, the exchange of visits between different network operators is very slow, not even remotely browse view . For example , telecommunications users IPCamera via Mobile, China Unicom 3G view , very smooth or video can not be viewed , giving users a great deal of inconvenience ;

2 , the user can not truly "zero setting " use , the average user to log into the device , to the appropriate network devices can be used to set the rear ;

3 , generally , "the hard light, soft ," the industry , end-user experience is poor, inconvenient and complicated to operate other shortcomings affect product sales.

Network Monitoring era, mainly from the public market to the civilian market is gradually expanding opportunities ; from the technical to the service , users must go through every aspect of the test , a challenge.

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