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Looking to the future high-definition network camera technology " Anatomy "
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Looking to the future high-definition network camera technology " Anatomy "

With the development of video surveillance , the development of high-definition network camera has become the focus of attention, from the point of view of technological development , the future development trend of high-definition network camera technology decomposition.

A resolution to continuously improve

Terms of resolution , the development of high-definition ip camera can be said that by leaps and bounds , in addition to the current market has emerged more megapixels , 1.3 million pixels , 3MP , 5MP , 8MP products have appeared on the market and even more millions and millions of pixels inklings products began in the monitoring industry. It can be said that people see more clearly in the pursuit of the road will never stop.

2, COMS CCD gradually replaced

With the development of technology, performance CMOS sensors are being improved rapidly. CMOS sensor response speed faster than CCD , and therefore more suitable for high-definition monitor features a large amount of data . From a market perspective, the traditional manufacturer of SONY CCD has begun to shift the focus of the CMOS sensor , in its production of high-definition network camera is almost exclusively employ a CMOS sensor , which may be seen as a CMOS sensor stage victory.

3, ISP (Image Signal Processing) chip is encoded

By integrating the ISP, not only can significantly reduce system costs , but also significantly enhance the stability of the video, optimized video performance in optical aspects . This is to enhance the image quality for high-definition network camera has its important role.

4 , more practical intelligence analysis function

Already implemented in high-definition network camera or being implemented intelligent analysis functions: video block with video loss detection, video change detection , video blur detection, video motion detection , access demographics , population movement and congestion identification, items left behind identification , intrusion identification and so on. These features seem intelligent analysis than in the past to be " inferior " much , but it is more practical.

5 , standardization

Whether ONVIF or PSIA, standards are voluntary organizations formed companies , but more and more companies get a response from their point of view , still has a very important significance. The next few years , will become standardized definition network camera to the market permits.

HD network surveillance cameras, high-definition video surveillance is a key part of the development , the development of high-definition video surveillance , promoting inseparable from technology , from a technical point of high-definition network camera anatomy, is the necessary measures to fully recognize HD camera , with HD video monitoring of development, the future development of high-definition cameras will be more diversified .

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