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Looking to the future : surveillance cameras to dig deep customization needs
IPC 2014-03-17 10:00:15

Looking to the future : surveillance cameras to dig deep customization needs

In-depth study of the industry needs to develop various levels of products , conduct industry custom , high demands on themselves also explains all the manufacturers have the technical strength are improved. Meanwhile, users of the definition of knowledge is even more abundant, attitudes toward high-definition has become even more reason for the project is no longer required to take the club to stay in front , take the back end of the West family , piecing together bits and pieces of a process . Today's users want to see the overall solution. "Because of interconnectivity around the stage , high-definition network camera monitoring client remains a major obstacle HD promotion ."

And to be able to provide overall program requires manufacturers to be able to monitor the network camera front and rear end has a deep understanding of product features , known project integration process is aware of the possible problems and solutions . This determines the surveillance network camera manufacturers can not just stay in the rear, but rather more to the front , with the majority of systems integrators, contractors work side by side to enhance communication and collaboration between them through the operation of the project, in order to better to provide customers with improved quality of service , more efficient solutions to customer problems . For important projects we will assign a dedicated engineer for the entire guidance and follow-up.

HD application currently relies mainly on promoting large-scale government projects , and to win market this side , surveillance camera manufacturers have a good ability to project operation before a better grasp of project opportunities . But also underestimated the civilian market , after all , people are living in depth definition ip camera surveillance is the most broad market lies. How important issue civilian market depth of mining applications, but also where the network camera manufacturers , many manufacturers began to gradually move closer to the civilian market .

At the same time a substantial increase in market capacity , technological innovation and industrial upgrading video surveillance camera equipment itself continues. Front-end to high-definition equipment upgrade backend from the DVR to NVR reform , improve clarity , while the degree of intelligent systems, equipment has been steadily progressing security video surveillance network camera industry as a non- standardized industry , enterprise vendors of products, technologies quality , plumbing, service and other factors will become a reference customer choice. Taking all these factors , has a complete industrial chain of leading enterprises will be the biggest beneficiaries of the fast-growing industry .

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