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Network Camera Installation Precautions
IPC 2014-03-31 12:00:25

Network Camera Installation Precautions

With the popularization of the use of the network camera is basically going door to door has installed network camera to protect the safety of their families and property , and some also installed on the HD IP camera. So after buying a network camera , a lot of families or individuals do not know how to install , a lot of the time is to ask someone to install it. In fact, the installation process is very simple , here is how the author of the camera installation method for a small sum .

1 ) In the field of view to meet the monitoring requirements of the target condition , its mounting height : Indoor ground should not be less than 2.5m; outdoor ground should not be less than 3.5m.

2 ) network camera and supporting equipment , such as lenses, camera housings , brackets , wipers , etc., should be firmly installed , running should be flexible , attention should be vandal and harmony with the surrounding environment.

3 ) Under the strong electromagnetic interference environment , surveillance cameras should be installed and insulated isolation.

4 ) signal lines and power lines should be introduced separately , the exposed part of the hose protection does not affect the rotation of PTZ .

5 ) surveillance cameras should be installed inside the elevator car at the top of the left or right side of the car door , and can effectively monitor the elevator car occupant facial features.

6 ) Note that the installation of lightning protection , especially in the outdoor installation of network camera, infrared light is now generally effective distance between the network camera 20-30 meters ,

Installation 7 ) all control , display, recording and other terminal equipment should be smooth and easy to operate. Which monitors foreign direct sunlight should be avoided , when unavoidable , measures should be taken in the dark . In the console , the device should have ventilation measures cabinet ( rack ) mounted within the internal connector connected to the device should be in prison.

8 ) in the control room should be set for all cable tray cables and cable entries based on equipment installation location , arranged neatly bundled , numbered , and permanent signs .

9 ) cable network camera use not more than 100 meters away , it is best to use UTP cable , if you are using POE power from the network cable should not exceed 30 meters.

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