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Network Monitor will enter the mainstream of the times
IPC 2014-03-07 09:46:29

Network Monitor will enter the mainstream of the times

The industry expects 2012 sales growth of network video surveillance equipment will exceed 25% , the demand for video surveillance equipment is being maintained strong trends. For the user, network monitoring can also be unlimited time , regardless of location , under the authority of the situation can be monitored at any time on demand , plug and play -per-view , the method used is also quite convenient. Thus , network monitoring agreement was considered a major trend in the future networked video surveillance .

Curiously , whenever announced analog monitor when at the brink , there will be new reasons to convince us to believe that the market is still hot analog monitor . I do not know surveillance market is true, false , or someone blowing facts. Hovering in the edge of despair and hope analog monitor , how to deal with this brutal competition?

Even in developed countries like the United States , there are still areas which can not be used due to cost network monitoring system , which is precisely these areas require more monitoring equipment, analog cameras get respite . But as a network camera manufacturers to achieve real profits rely metropolitan video surveillance system to complete.

Also, as a single product for surveillance cameras , network camera comparison , the parameters for analog cameras meaning minimal. Today's network cameras are no longer as elusive as in previous years , it is now able to offer a more complete solution than the analog control system . HD high-resolution images, panoramic imaging technology, real-time transmission and storage , but also can effectively suppress light interference and other issues. These advantages have become sufficient to prove the high-end network camera surveillance equipment .

However, the network monitoring system management, supply chain- with dealers , distributors do gain equalization , once the chain fracture occurs , the network system will not operate , the time cost businesses have become a topic of concern .

Network systems need to address the problem is not the price for the professional security personnel , the advantage of distributed monitoring network monitoring is exactly what he is. More realistic is that from now on to focus on the "service " and "data " , under the premise of no hardware cost , high-definition images seem to take for granted , but the information in the image data management, how to use the network of its significance.

For analog surveillance systems , the network has its incomparable advantages , network camera cost price in reduced penetration gradually expanded to second-tier cities , even more crucially, it seems network systems manufacturer profits much higher than analog systems . While reducing hardware costs , the perfect solution Gengling businessmen happy. Hovering in the edge of hope and disappointment analog control , eventually coming to an end .

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