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Network camera ideal for use
IPC 2014-03-14 10:02:29

Network camera ideal for use

From a technical point of view, the network camera is ideal for monitoring . This range includes traditional video surveillance, burglar alarm, and control of production processes and workflow , or traffic monitoring. You know , IP camera are also very suitable for remote mechanical remote control, such as cars and robots. Of course, this is a normal video surveillance have different forms:

Surveillance cameras to monitor the system provides a good basis for the image , despite being monitored environment variable and weak light conditions . For example , some foreign casino relatively dim lighting , security systems , but it is particularly strict . Like banks , like here , the water is a daily ten million yuan of the commonplace .

Network traffic monitoring cameras often subject to outside interference conditions , which means that the camera must be able to automatically adjust the lighting conditions to ensure capture angle. It also must be strong enough to deal with the issues of work and the outdoor temperature monitoring water vapor .

In the monitoring system , not all applications are only a surveillance camera at work. Observers in the control room can control multiple network camera check road conditions , and the impact of road traffic on the roads in the generated . In order to avoid the same sort of violence , express delivery industry is also fitted with surveillance cameras to standardize logistics and transport process. Network camera is particularly suitable for the logistics and transportation fields , because they are easy to integrate into existing video management system.

When the monitoring system encounters an access point tunnels suffering , or in extreme weather conditions, or when away from the control center, network surveillance cameras can be equipped with wireless transmission mode, in case there is no local PC also be able to view video images. IP camera better image compression technology to store image data for a variety of hidden secrets that may occur to provide the necessary "proof" , especially for road monitoring traffic offense or soccer game, network camera contributed.


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