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Optional network camera facing confusion
IPC 2014-05-30 17:35:27

Optional network camera facing confusion

1 , clear or not, the most important practical

We select high-definition IP Camera , when clearly their needs is the most important preparations. At the moment, the camera has to have a high imaging capability . So , unless you need a very special monitoring capabilities ( such as in the field of intelligent transportation , financial institutions , etc. ) , otherwise an ordinary high-definition IP Camera is sufficient to meet the daily needs of security monitoring work. In addition to the high imaging configuration wasteful and does not bring more convenience will monitor the work .

2 , image quality, many consider

Performance, positive or high-definition picture quality from the camera for evaluation . When you determine if a certain need a high-definition network camera to meet the demands of your job , then . So in the selection process , you need to pay attention to the camera resolution ( dynamic and static ) , color reproduction , etc. in different states. There is a different object in the shooting case , the picture quality is still able to keep the same clarity and stability. For the image quality of a surveillance camera , the horizontal resolution is just one of the main reference areas . WDR , automatic white balance, digital noise reduction , automatic metering compensation , etc. have a deep impact on imaging quality security cameras. In the bright and dark make changes in the transition region is a natural , wide dynamic ability to automatically adjust the details of the observed effects are clear illumination and under the influence of noise and so on. Are to a large extent reflects the level of high-definition network camera.

3 , HD effects, casting multiple factors , the most important overall solution

In fact , the complexity of high-definition network camera work in addition to high-tech investment in the machine itself , supporting facilities is also an important reference for the quality of the image quality factors . For example, surveillance cameras adjustment method is perfect , whether rich menu functions , as well as installation and commissioning process of matching the lens , etc., will largely determine the quality and clarity of the screen. In addition, the transmission line signal transmission meets the needs of high-definition video camera , the terminal pass compression coupling device is capable of extracting high-quality work done, but also affect the quality of high-definition network camera work is good or bad .

So, to achieve the effect of high-definition monitors , and never just need a simple definition network camera itself can be done , but by security cameras , the surrounding environment , equipment , and many other factors while casting . Therefore, before the selection of high-definition network camera, in addition to surveillance cameras outside itself , some more concern for the environment , I'm afraid you will harvest more than expected .

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