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Project on Gongshu in Hangzhou Green Community
Case Study 2011-09-27 08:44:23


"Green building" is increasingly becoming familiar topics, and, by extension, a safe city, safe districts and counties, safe community construction in full swing, become the subject of concern of the security companies. In these peace-building, peace community is the main building we are most concerned about, because it maintains, carrying the security and interests of each one of us, the Gongshu City Sheriff's Department in Peaceful Community building, choose Shenzhen City Granville as go-Technology Co., Ltd., the use of network monitoring products, to take civil air defense, anti-technology, anti-matter three anti combination of building peace in communities, strengthening community security monitoring, networking and real-time surveillance video of the community to the community to achieve interconnection and network monitoring center of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau police station. Set a good example to the peace community building.
Gongshu Community Viagra, as the dot-com network video surveillance system: The system is divided into front-end audio and video capture, transmission system, the monitoring center. The front-end network hemisphere, Conch Network Dome Network infrared IP Camera, network infrared uniform ball with the license plate network camera, a total of about 100 monitoring equipment. Conch Network Dome communities within the corridor monitoring, network perimeter and activities for the community, infrared camera machine. For a large range of activities Activities Network IR uniform ball. Community entrances, in order to clearly distinguish the vehicle's license plate and out, according to the license plate network cameras. Network monitoring center in order to achieve effective control and management of air defense, anti-technology, anti-Viagra, as the dot-com TV wall server, a specially developed for all-digital TV wall, suitable for medium to large-scale centralized monitoring of network video systems. Stand-alone super-network decoding can support hundreds. Network matrix screen stitching, multi-split screen, streaming media, high-definition video storage, remote video playback, multi-machine network in parallel, matrix switching, full-screen switching, packet switching and other functions
  "Peace, the creation of a harmonious community, to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party, the party and the government to do a good thing for the civilian population", District, director says

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