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Real-time monitoring of network video and mobile network era
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Real-time monitoring of network video and mobile network era

With the increasing popularity of network communication technology development and mobile smart phones and other mobile clients , video surveillance systems not confined to the forensic applications , video surveillance has become an important tool for law enforcement to deal with and more risk-averse .

In the case of a major accident , the live video screen can be sent directly to the law enforcement agencies . Live real-time video can be transmitted not only the public security command center , or even directly transferred to the hands of the officers patrol car or related PDA nearby . From the police department point of view, anything that can help them live and develop contingency measures in case the information is very useful for a better understanding . From the industry point of view of the user , it can better protect their staff , as well as their property. For bank staff being robbed , hijacked vehicle drivers and school principals faced with unexpected events , the more sensitive alarm response systems and real-time video message means less property damage and casualties.

Traditional power mode Ethernet technology will be eliminated

During the transition period IP video surveillance , network infrastructure support is the focus of one of the most critical is the power supply. Past the camera is powered , but since the introduction of the Local POE, a common form of Ethernet IP camera.

802.3AF IEEE standard is introduced in 2003 , 802.3AF allow cable loss under the conditions provided 48V/15.4W DC , the current supply of standard network cameras more than enough. Subsequent IEEE802.3at standard ( commonly referred to as POE +) terminal of the power device to 25.5W. However , this does not meet the demand on the market most of the PTZ camera . 2013 In order to meet the requirements of high -power PTZ network cameras , and some non-standard POE + solutions have been developed. These solutions using Cat6 ( and above ) cable excellent current handling capability. To solve the problem of Ethernet transmission distance through Ethernet Extender increases the feasible range of POE . Currently on the market has been over the transmission distance transmission distance of 700 meters , this large-scale development of Ethernet technology will be extended in 2014 .

Ultra-high frame rate (60fps or more ) of wide dynamic network cameras will be more intense demand

Normal frame rate Webcams shortcoming is low network latency and frame rate , can not be applied in monitoring high-speed moving objects details, such as fast running man, the car on the highway , the bank's counter, the production line of products and so on.

With high-performance compression technology innovation chip and imaging devices , support 1080P/60fps, 1080P/120fps video compression chip ( such as the U.S. Ambarella 's S2SOC and Japan SONYXarinaSOC) continued listing , ultra-high frame rate ( 60 frames / sec ) applications will be more popular. Meanwhile, on many occasions , the light contrast , conventional digital WDR function also can not meet the demand, support the real Shutter WDR ( 2 Shutter / 4 shutter / 120db above) Wide Dynamic HD network camera network will add to the demand increase .

360 degree panoramic Ultra HD real-time network camera will gradually replace multi-camera stitching panoramic camera

Panoramic exist currently on the market there are two main IP Camera , one is the use of multiple lenses , low-resolution network camera mosaic of multiple sensors to monitor implementation panorama ; another one is based on a panoramic fisheye , using an imaging sensor . Using fisheye panoramic network camera with multiple lenses of multi-sensor camera splicing comparative advantage fisheye lens / single sensor is particularly obvious: reduce costs, increase stability, reduce stream , a significant decline in bandwidth and storage space, construction and installation, repair and maintenance work is also greatly reduced.

Due to the large panoramic camera monitoring range , in order to meet the needs of human vision , often require the network camera to the original circular image for image correction, output in line with the human eye viewing habits of the video stream , and therefore , the use of a fisheye lens / single sensor panoramic camera needs a larger amount of pixels and real-time , proved less than 5,000,000 pixels panoramic camera almost unusable , only to watch the general situation of the monitored area , the details can not be observed . Basic needs is a real-time video surveillance industry , high resolution low frame rate panoramic network camera also can not meet the basic needs, therefore , high resolution imaging , real-time video output, front-end video image correction is needed to select a panoramic network camera three basic factors considerations .

According to authoritative international consulting firm IHS analysis , the biggest winner in 2014 is a 360-degree video surveillance cameras degree real-time video output, support for front-end image correction of single-lens fisheye panoramic ultra- high-definition network camera. Global shipments are expected than last year increased by more than 60%. Notably , 360 ° panoramic view of real-time output with front correction Webcams expected to gain market share in vertical industries such as retail , hotel, a one-stop office hall , classrooms , hospitals , operating theaters , stock markets, squares, parks and place robot vision , traffic intersections , airports and casinos such needs indoor / outdoor large-scale video surveillance systems. In these cases, the use of 360 ° panoramic fisheye ultra-high definition network camera, will greatly reduce the number of covering the same area of ​​the camera , reducing the amount of post- installation commissioning and maintenance works , extend product life ( no PTZ Speed ​​Dome mechanical devices ) , save bandwidth and reduce the back-end equipment, saving storage space , can effectively reduce costs.

1080 Megapixel IP camera needs economic growth of SMEs type / family needs significantly

Stage network video surveillance services also focused mainly on government, education , road traffic , public security, finance and banking , energy and electricity , petrochemical and other industrial users , the slow development of the SME / home user aspects . A large number of small and medium enterprises and households , the network is not without demand high-definition monitor , but existing network video surveillance products and solutions , and can not meet the needs of these customers , the high cost objective here also limits the use of customers, Therefore, the market size has not yet formed .

With the rapid development of mobile bandwidth and the popularity of smart mobile terminals and operators of small and medium enterprises / home personal user video surveillance market cultivation, the user will be more motivated to apply business and home network video surveillance business, in 2014 and the next will enter the fast development period.

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