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See how the network monitoring market developments ?
IPC 2014-03-17 10:08:04

See how the network monitoring market developments ?

With the continuous development of video surveillance market , the main market is concentrated in the network video surveillance safe city , transportation and several other major industries. Surveillance network camera from the " standard definition " based gradual transition to "HD " mainly SD proportion gradually reduce network . Demand in some economically more developed regions of the large high-definition network camera monitoring , network monitoring has become the first choice of many projects . In some network monitoring dispatched region , averaging about two monitoring points will have a high-definition network camera surveillance ; Some people traffic area , you must also install the network camera surveillance , high-definition network camera surveillance honed in the security market constantly reveal strengths to become one of the preferred number of industrial applications .

It is understood that in the case of security monitoring overall market slowdown, the network camera market size in 2012 and 2011 compared to the size of the network camera market growth rate of 22% is expected for the network camera market size of about 2.696 billion yuan , accounting for 23.81% of the camcorder market size , which is high-definition network camera market is about 60%. So why the high-definition network camera surveillance so popular?

In the field of intelligent traffic monitoring , license plate capture in order to solve the problem definition , the early introduction of high-definition video surveillance technology . Such as the construction of Shanghai invested 200 million pixel " electronic police" system in addition to face recognition , but also be able to accurately identify the number plate of the vehicle, color , speed, cars , drivers and other specific features . The construction of the 500 million pixel electronic police system is mainly used in the illegal capture of vehicles running red lights , which can be carried out by monitoring point vehicle records , to capture a high-definition picture and the time and place be kept together , as compared to vehicle and data analysis to provide a reliable basis. Meanwhile, the provisions of the Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau , from 2010 onwards, where to apply for parking , you must install the high-definition television monitoring equipment ; while the original parking lot , we must immediately organize the installation of high- definition television monitoring equipment. We can say that the field of intelligent transportation , non-HD can not ! "

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