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Solution providers : waving a magician, let IP Camera more humane
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Solution providers : waving a magician, let IP Camera more humane

Mentioned in the first paragraph of the article : "speed the development of civilian monitoring of the market, so that the newborn IP Camera become the hottest video surveillance products , spawned a series of innovative security company ." In this series of companies, so there may be a group of "Midas touch " magician , they can make IP Camera quality rising, increasingly feature -rich, the use of more humane, the product is more popular with users ...... their HD network camera on the market plays an important product upgrading action , we call them solution providers .

Currently on the market is very popular Hass Hi3518C chips, many solution providers have developed based on this chip functions and types rich IP Camera, such as a letter exchange technology . Based on a letter Megapixel network camera Hi3518C chip development , covering a variety of world -leading technology patents on the original TPC / IP transfer mode adds P2P penetration technology, telecommunications, mobile , you can smooth interaction between Unicom 3G visit . A letter to apply for a patent algorithms, a prominent leader in the two advantages:

1 , to achieve the user can set the IPC WIFI mobile phone , the connection can be set into the device without going through WPS or IPC ;

2 , the traditional IPC IRCUT function algorithm can be replaced by technology hardware part , save hardware costs, space for more competition in the market for the manufacturers .

In order to solve the industry " heavy and hard light, soft " situation , to enhance the user experience , a letter has been with the international leading cloud service provider agreed to take a large technology can provide a feature-rich and open Danale IOT application platform cloud services to end users , eliminating the need for manufacturers to software development costs .

Danale IOT cloud services to achieve true plug and play , so that eliminates the need for users to complex network configurations , and allows the user to move through the various clients anywhere remotely manage and browse the appropriate equipment. More cloud storage , cloud push, cloud duty and other value-added services to meet the needs of different users .

In the future, an inevitable development trend IP Camera is headed to enhance the user experience , research and development capabilities and technical level rising, gradually reduce production costs , expand market penetration of civilian products .

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