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Some knowledge about the network of surveillance cameras
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Some knowledge about the network of surveillance cameras

An internet protocol network security monitoring cameras , via computer networks and the Internet to send and receive data to digital video cameras. Network camera surveillance system is the most commonly used and has become digital instead of analog and network camera .

You may find the network camera surveillance and no difference between ordinary camera . However, the network camera surveillance is more like a separate computer in the following ways : it has its own IP address , directly connected to the network , and can be placed in any place where there is a network connection . Operate only when the camera is connected to a personal computer and use it , but the software must be installed on the computer.

Network camera can be configured to send monitors for live viewing or recording video over IP networks. Images captured by network cameras monitoring motion video can be streamed or uploaded as a separate image . The video or image output monitoring network camera can monitor cameras emit a unique IP address information from any location.

Remote access live video surveillance network camera is a feature that has led many people to buy for your home or business ip camera surveillance . Video from any computer , anywhere, can be viewed from many mobile smart phones and other devices. Network cameras monitoring, can even be configured to periodically via e-mail smartphone or mobile device to send images. Many network camera motion detection , but also to further enhance its surveillance cameras as a function .

Surveillance network camera is able to integrate two-way audio , allowing surveillance cameras to capture audio and users to communicate with what they see . To set an analog audio system , separate audio lines are running a DVR, it can be a complex installation . Monitoring system can also be set encryption to ensure the security of your system.

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