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The difference between the network camera and video server
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The difference between the network camera and video server

Network camera and network video servers, network video surveillance equipment is the core of the system, when we work for network monitoring program design , in the end is to select the network camera or video server?
First, we should look at the difference between the network camera and video server:

Network cameras and video servers is to integrate analog cameras into one, directly plug the Internet cable can be used. But the type of IP cameras , style is very limited, selective far less than analog cameras .

Network camera resolution is D1 (704 × 576)

Video server itself without the camera, but its flexibility is that you can pick any analog camera . Multi-channel network video server can connect multiple cameras .

Single-channel video server resolution is D1 (704 × 576)
Two -way video server resolution is Half D1 (704 × 288)
Resolution four video servers is CIF (352 × 288)

When we choose , we must consider the function and effect , but also consider convenience, but also consider the cost.

Case 1 , if there are multiple control points , and the location of some monitoring points suffer relatively recent, could be considered a multi -channel network video encoder + analog camera program , the total cost than the direct use of multiple network camera to be lower but pay attention , multi-channel video server resolution than single-channel video servers and network cameras slightly lower, if the user is not very high , generally acceptable .

Case 2 , if the style of the camera has no special requirements , network cameras have your desired style, then either directly using the appropriate style network camera can also be used DVS + analog cameras .

Case 3, if the camera models have special requirements, such as the one machine to infrared zoom , low-light cameras , camcorders and other riot , it must + analog camera video server solutions available.

Note: In a monitoring system, the same series of network cameras and video servers , it can be mixed in . Different series , different brands of network camera and video servers , generally can not be mixed.

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