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The history of HD surveillance network camera
IPC 2014-03-11 10:25:28

The history of HD surveillance network camera

For monitoring system, HD is a complete technical concept , from image acquisition, conversion, compression, transmission, storage, control , and display a complete image processing . And on the whole video monitoring system, front-end image acquisition device that the camera + lens, is the core of the whole system, or the entire system can be likened to the "eyes ." If there is no front camera + lens, video surveillance can not be achieved , just as human eyes can not see everything in the world is no different . If there is no front camera + lens , the monitoring system will not be able to capture high-definition video surveillance images.

Over the years, the video surveillance industry researchers has been to improve the image resolution video surveillance and make unremitting efforts . With the continuous development of video technology, especially the image sensor chip technology, video surveillance cameras can not improve the clarity , the development of horizontal resolution to 420 lines from 380 lines , 480 lines , and then to 540 lines, 600 lines , 650 lines . Before the advent of high-definition cameras , analog cameras resolution almost every year or two years, did not have a significantly improved , which has become the industry's attention.

In 2006 , the advent of high-definition network camera IPC , and soon set off "HD storm" in the industry .

To meet the 2009 definition of market development , several industry vendors set up a joint HD-CCTV Alliance , the attempt to HD-SDI HD radio and television transmission mode to borrow central security monitoring system shortly thereafter , HD-SDI HD cameras come out. Currently , the industry's popular argument is that the IP Camera is called first-generation high-definition monitor , SDI is a second-generation high-definition video surveillance.

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