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Video surveillance cameras have what image function ?
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Video surveillance cameras have what image function ?

Video surveillance cameras are equipped with image features typically include a digital noise reduction , light inhibition , background compensation , auxiliary infrared lighting, and wide dynamic , low-light capabilities.

An auxiliary infrared lighting

When there is no video surveillance scene to put light, ordinary camera , and even low-light cameras have not clearly capture live video images can be added to enhance the brightness of the infrared light auxiliary monitor the site to help the camera to get a clear video image . There are LED infrared light -emitting diodes. The human eye is unable to identify the infrared light source.

Second, the illumination function

When monitoring the scene illumination as low as the human eye can not be viewed through the low-light camera for clear video scenes thrown . An ordinary camera to get a clear picture of the bottom line of illumination is 0.1Lux, illumination network camera to get a clear picture of the bottom line of illumination can be as low as 0.01Lux.

Third, the wide dynamic function

Two wide dynamic technologies that use sensors exposure , were able to get to see the foreground and background of the two images , the image is then superimposed . Congestion and wide dynamic backlight technology similar compensation ; common network camera surveillance to get clear but the outlook is darker background image , and wide dynamic camera surveillance and background are able to obtain pre- clear images . Wide dynamic objects can not suitable for monitoring fast-moving scenes.

Fourth, backlight compensation

BLC i.e. dark foreground brightness of the overall screen brightness reference elevation to achieve see the foreground object .

Five light suppression

Traditional CDD limited dynamic range , and thus if only one bound in the bright areas of the image is overexposed and underexposed dark areas of the image of a problem in the process of collecting a sample image. The so-called light suppression DSP technology is part of the weakening of the light , the light of the dark part of lighting to achieve a balance of light . HSBLC most commonly used for night observation car brands . Note that the application of this feature will reduce the brightness of the entire screen , it is generally necessary to include a fill light .

Sixth, digital noise reduction

Because of the thermal stability of the original camera CCD sensor , a temperature increase will cause the device to enhance the noise signal , resulting in a mottled control screen, which is the noise. Use of digital noise reduction technology to control the generation of noise in the picture , resulting in better quality picture.

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