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What are the advantages of video surveillance network camera (1 )
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What are the advantages of video surveillance network camera (1 )

Generally speaking, to a lot of factors involved in the security industry to converged IP networks process , to be discussed below is not limited to IP camera and analog cameras are different in all aspects . Such as system performance , openness , interoperability , flexibility, sustainability and network connectivity, and other factors are to be considered important content. However, this article will discuss mainly for the 10 most important difference between the current network camera and analog cameras existed , and further analyze why these differences is a key factor when purchasing the next camera must be considered .

One reason: the end of interlaced scanning problems

Analog cameras at high resolution (4CIF) condition will encounter a very prominent issue that interlace problems. This is because some of the analog video image is composed of scanning signal lines , each of a complete image field signal is again composed of two interlaced , even if the DVR is connected to the analog signal is true . This means that we see each image acquisition time is composed of two different " demi " picture merger .

Two reasons: to support PoE technology to effectively reduce costs and improve system reliability

PoE (PoweroverEthernet), means to provide power to the device through the Ethernet network technology , the standards required by the IEEE802.3 af , IT is a mature industry standard . PoE technology allows network devices can receive data and power simultaneously work over a single Ethernet Category 5 cable , facts prove that the technology can save a lot of installation costs for the user. This means that users do not have to support PoE cameras specifically for power installation work , while analog video surveillance systems for analog camera power has always been a major engineering difficulties , but also one of the major costs. In addition , support for PoE enabled network camera also can be used in conjunction with UPS uninterruptible power supply system , to achieve centralized management of power , thus greatly improving the reliability of the system , the network cameracan still work in case of power failure . As can be seen from Figure 4 , regardless of whether support PoE , PoE network cameracan benefit from the technology .

Three reasons: one million pixel resolution

Due to constraints NTSC / PAL standard , the highest resolution analog camera has been limited to 4CIF, roughly equivalent to 40 million pixels look. In recent years , high-resolution computer monitors and digital cameras continue to emerge , end users have begun to require millions of pixels of image resolution up to the level of end-user video surveillance applications also began to make a similar request . High -resolution network cameracan reach millions of pixels or higher , and therefore can provide more picture detail and cover a larger area . High resolution to ensure safety in the accident, you can clearly distinguish facial features perpetrators or their handling of goods from the video screen or monitor the video, so that users will not be wasted for the security system investments. In addition , high-resolution camera feature allows the network can also provide some, such as digital PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) and other special features .

Four reasons : the intelligent integration to the front

In the current video surveillance system, there are too many video data is recorded and stored, but these data are mostly unimportant pictures , information important events tend to be submerged in a flood of video data which , giving the event analysis and processing of a great deal of difficulty , but also a waste of valuable storage resources. Latest appear intelligent video technology to solve this common problem may be provided, and has become the next big trend in online video development. High-end network cameracan fully meet the needs of intelligent video applications , they can be built into mobile video detection (VMD) and event management functions , so the camera itself can decide when to send video , at what frame rate and resolution to send, and when should alert the security personnel which prompts them to pay attention to the monitor screen or take appropriate action. Even some advanced intelligent video analysis algorithms ( such as license plate number recognition , people counting , etc. ) can also be integrated into the network camera were .

By using IP camera, intelligent systems can be integrated into the front end of which the video surveillance equipment , enabling users to get a more efficient and powerful than traditional DVR or other centralized system of video surveillance solutions . Intelligent network camera also solved another dilemma in the field of video surveillance is emerging : the limitations on the computing power of a centralized video surveillance system can not be achieved on a large number of real-time video analysis . The network camerahas a dedicated , highly integrated hardware, its own advanced video analysis algorithms can be realized , this feature greatly reduces the performance requirements for the back-end device , so that users can build a massive surplus of intelligent video systems .

Five reasons : Integrated PTZ control and input / output ports

For analog cameras is concerned, if you need to realize PTZ ( pan and zoom ) control , in addition to video cabling , but also need to provide specialized control signal line , it will increase the cost and inconvenience to the construction . network camera can transmit video signals through the same network , and PTZ control commands , which can greatly reduce installation costs and to achieve higher user flexibility . In addition , IP camera can also be integrated alarm input and output ports , to achieve joint control of other security systems alarms , door locks and the like. These features in addition to further cost savings for users , but also further increase the network camerafeatures and integration with other systems potential.

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