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What are the advantages of video surveillance network camera ( 2 )
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What are the advantages of video surveillance network camera ( 2 )

Six reasons : Integrated Audio

In some applications, the audio information is becoming increasingly important. For analog systems , if you need to get audio support, only through additional audio wiring work can be achieved. The network cameracan capture the audio through the built- in microphone at the front end or other external device, and the audio information synchronized with the video information , audio information, or be integrated directly into the video stream which , finally transmitted to the rear end of the network or to monitor recording device . In fact, the only network cameracan make audio support functions become easy to install and cost-effective , it can support full-duplex audio , so that the user can use the phone as easy to use audio features . In the example in Figure 7, the network cameraallows users and visitors for two-way audio communication, and remote control door opening and closing .

Seven reasons : safety communications

Analog cameras use coaxial cable to transmit video information , which does not have any encryption and authentication mechanisms. In this case , as long as they know the location of the video cable , anyone can watch one video screen by means of the transmission line ride . Worse, since the bad guys can be a deceitful , video surveillance will be a critical signal to switch to other sources , so that the user's video surveillance system complete failure ( as the movie scene often appear like ) . But in terms of the network video system , network camera can capture the video signal is first encrypted and then transmitted through the network , which can ensure that the video information can not be accessed or tampered with by unauthorized personnel . System through the use of high security digital certificate authentication for connection requests , to ensure that only certain machines to be able to access the network camerasystem, thus effectively avoiding fraud. IP camera can also join the "Watermark " message in the video data , the " Watermark" summary information can include images , time, place, date, user information, alarm information, etc., so that after security incidents to ensure an effective system to save evidence. These functions in a simulated camera is simply impossible to achieve.

Eight reasons : flexible, economical and practical infrastructure based

The analog video signal is normally transmitted through expensive coaxial cable , fiber optic or wireless private , no matter what the transmission technology, the image quality will receive the impact transmission distance. In long distance transmission when the analog video signal , various intermediate devices must fit precisely and to ensure that the range of adjustment of the image quality degradation can be received in a situated . In addition, the power supply for the camera wiring , add alarm input and output , and audio cabling installation projects will further complicate deployment . The IP-based digital systems are able to overcome the relatively low cost of these difficulties , and to provide users with more options.

Like at any one location in the world via the Internet can view pictures on the website , you can at any corner of the world through the Internet network camera provide viewing digital pictures that span continents and oceans will never long-distance transmission quality degradation caused by the phenomenon . The difference is that with analog video , IP network technology is a global standard of mature technology, IP-based video stream can be compatible with each other through a variety of transport infrastructure on a global scale . As a result of the type of packet -based communications , many different types of data stream can be transmitted over the same data line. In some new projects which often uses low-cost Category 5 cable , gigabit Ethernet , and a data cable can transmit hundreds of full frame rate video streams .

Nine grounds : the real digital solutions

In an analog video camera , an analog signal generated by the first CCD sensor are converted A / D ( analog / digital ) converter to digital signals, so that the video image and sound can be processed through its built-in DSP chip. After the digital image signal is then processed by the DSP and converted back to an analog signal for transmission on coaxial cable. Finally, when the analog signal reaches the rear end of the

DVR , the DVR has been re- digitized and stored on the hard disk. As can be seen , in this process , transforming the image signal to be subjected to three , and each time the conversion will cause different degrees of decline of image quality . In the network camera, the image After digitization digitization will remain a state without the need for multi- frequency / analog or analog / digital conversion , thus avoiding the image degradation phenomenon.

Ten reasons : lower total cost of ownership

When it comes to these network camera have a range of advanced features , some would say that these advanced features will inevitably result in increased equipment costs. Indeed , if only to get the price of the camera itself to do a comparison, IP camera certainly seems to be rather expensive. However, if the object is to compare the cost of each video signal , then the flexibility of high -performance network camera

Obviously you can and DVR -based analog systems equal. As the network video system applications and back-end storage capabilities that the industry can use generic, open standards-based server hardware , rather than as an analog system that must use a dedicated hardware platform ( such as DVR), so in many system configurations, based on the front-end equipment cost network cameravideo surveillance system is very

To appear lower . This is for a number of large systems is especially important because the storage and server hardware typically account for a large part of the total cost , while the use of network camera can greatly reduce the cost of device management and acquisition area. Cost savings come from the infrastructure IP Camera are used . In addition to carrying video surveillance business outside , Internet, LAN and wireless

Various networks , such as IP-based network can also carry other types of applications within the enterprise , compared with the traditional coaxial cable and optical fiber, the construction cost of these networks is very low .

Conclusion: The future belongs to the network camera

JPFreeman leading industry analyst predicted that in the field of video surveillance , network camera market will be the fastest growing market , sales network camera will surpass analog camera in 2010 . Because IP -based network security management (SecurityManagement) greatly expanded the understanding of people for security management and implementation tools, and therefore is considered to be the development direction of the next generation of advanced security management. On the other hand , some analog cameras due to the defects in flexibility and performance , and therefore can not meet the requirements of next-generation security management , p2p ip camera is bound to be replaced . As the network camerawill capture images as well as the ability to frame intelligent image processing stripped from similar back-end equipment such as DVR , so the size of the video surveillance system can no longer restrict the ability of the back-end computing equipment , systems obtain greatly improved extensibility . End- user network video surveillance system can choose to use cost-effective general-purpose servers and storage for video , but you can also choose the product most suited to their needs from a large number of video management and analysis software.

In summary, the network cameraenables users to their applications can be transferred from the special equipment (DVR) to open systems which , in addition also allows users to take full advantage of the network, the advantages of digital and intelligent , all this will constitute a powerful promotion of force, so that more and more users choose the network camera.

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