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industry Application Features Megapixel network camera
IPC 2014-04-15 11:18:38

industry Application Features Megapixel network camera

Megapixel IP camera can be applied to different industries, transportation industry , the financial sector , metro industry , etc. Here I will explain the specific characteristics of its industrial applications .

In the transportation industry, Megapixel network camera need to implement the following functions to capture all of the vehicles , monitoring lane , and remember the license plate number. Therefore, the device must be in the function of the image capture, image analysis , in order to reduce costs when users are using the system to provide system performance. Also, the device performance to a wide dynamic range and low light , in order to better capture the information of vehicles and personnel.

In the financial sector , because the cameras are generally installed in front of the desk , so good to see people come for the face . If millions of high-definition network camera , then it can provide good wide dynamic effect, so it is convenient to see the details of the customer's face . Also, because it is associated and the renminbi , it requires high-definition network camera to capture a higher frame rate, in order to see the details of personnel inventory coins .

In the subway this industry, not only need to monitor the scene of the screen, but also record audio , you need both simultaneously. This Megapixel ip camera demands on high, it needs timely collection and coding of audio scene , and then the video output simultaneously.

Megapixel network camera monitor screen is clear not only can solve problems, and can be combined with various types of industries that can improve the function of the whole system, so the whole market for the millions of high-definition ip camera is looking forward to .

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