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VStarcam&CES in 2018
Company News 2018-01-11 17:14:58

VStarcam WiFi Cameras and Smart Home Products are Back to CES


Ⅰ.Introduction of CES


The 2018 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES 2018) is held in Las Vegas from January 9th to 12th, 2018. As an annual consumer electronics show, CES is also the world's largest and most extensive consumer electronics exhibition. It attracted over 4,000 exhibitors, exhibition area is about 260 square feet.





Ⅱ.VStarcam's achievement presented at CES.


As a network camera, WiFi network camera and smart home manufacturer, VStarcam is a leader in security industry. This time, Vstarcam take part in the big exhibition with the latest achievement of 2017.





1.The position of VStarcam smart home at CES


It’s obviously that the Artificial intelligence (AI) is very hot now. The characteristics of the artificial intelligence technology determine that it can be applied in many fields, meanwhile, it is a huge and complicated system. There are more than 4000 businesses attended the CES, among which, quite a lot enterprises are related with artificial intelligence, we can see that the artificial intelligence is gaining momentum. The smart home kit of VStarcam occupies an important position on the CES. As a part of the smart home, the visual doorbell DB1 and S1 added the solar panel, making the smart home an important step in low power consumption.


vstarcam DB1 doorbell security Camera


VStarcam smart home series comes with universal remote control, can remote control TV, air conditioner, projector and other devices with remote controller. The smart home series of products also have the following features: 

One key WiFi connection, smart code pairing; 

Support Windows, iPhone, ipad and Android phones;

1.0 megapixel HD video

Mobile phone APP remote control electrical appliance, super long standby function, allow you to watch anytime and anywhere.


vstarcam DB1 doorbell security Camera



2.VStarcam's other achievement presented at CES


VStarcam's network cameras are known for their HD, WiFi connection and intelligence. The HD cameras exhibited in CES meet the diverse needs of different markets, among which, the latest model of camera C61S, supports four users watching online at the same time, and with 180 degrees of viewing angle. In addition, VStarcam exhibited C18S, C60S, C93S and other HD network cameras.




The design of VStarcam's WIFI cameras is scientific and reasonable, beautiful and generous; Besides, we adopt Huawei Hisilicon chip as the corecomponents of our cameras, which allow the cameras to automatically switch between dual filters. Meanwhile, the brightness, contrast, saturation and hue can also be adjusted. What’s more, the installation is very simple.




Nowadays, security products manufacturers pay more attention to the theme of intelligent energy saving, which also conforms to the current society's theme;VStarcam brings more intelligent energy-saving products into every customer's life. In 2018, VStarcam will continue to accelerate innovation and lead the era of intelligent energy security and security monitoring.

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