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VStarcam Products Arrested People’s Attention in 2017 CES U.S.A
Company News 2017-01-11 14:13:34
Annual CES was officially opened in local time 5th Jan .Being the most extensively influencing consumer electronic technique annual exhibition and also the largest consumption technology industrial exhibition, it enjoys high popularity with strong speciality and great trade effectiveness.
With the speed up of globalization path, VStarcam constantly exploits international market. As a leading brand in Security protection, it not only enjoys good fame in China, but also it is getting more attention all over the world. In order to keep a foothold on the high-end demand of global users on this 2017 CES, VStarcam brings out 3 series of product: Network high-definition cameras, Smart product and Sport DV, attracting numerous eyes.
VStarcam, by virtue of classical appearance design and full high definition, especially the Home kit which is designed to focus more on consumers, has made foreigners stop their feet to experience products. 
Its a blooming show time for technology in CES each year, Veepai under VStarcam inc. , as a leader of sport DV,has been committed to bringing users to enjoy a more user-friendly experience, Either technology development or product innovation are following the concept of "wear as wishing, photography as travelling" , synchronized life and video.
More worth mentioning is that, In this exhibition, VStarcam launched the latest R&D product of D1 video doorbell. Using a split-new design and craftsmanship, supporting night vision, support capturing when people ring the bell and saving those pictures to cloud storage, those makes users in a centre of their demands, and brings to them an ultimate comfortable and convenient smart home experience by the ultra-durable, low power consumption products.
The exhibition is not only the prestige of VStarcam ranks among the world's leading position in the top brands security industry, but also showed high-tech and innovation of VStarcam.  Their professional services wins widely supports from North America and more global consumers, and occupied the global market in hot sales continuously. VStarcam will keep moving on innovation and provide to users with better products and experience, making national brands forward quickly to the world stage.

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