Detail Specs
  • Support
  • Photo Resolution 800×600
    Photo Format JPEG
    Image sensor 2 MP 1/4 inch OV CMOS image sensor
    Lens 100°,F2.2 aperture
    Transfer method Wi-Fi 2.4G
    Transmission distance 30m
    Night vision mode Support with 1pcs make-up light
    Power supply 9V  600mAh  lithium  battery
    Alarm horn ≥95dB
    Alarm detection range 20m2
    Standby current ≤20uA
    Operating current ≤200mA
    Operating temperature  -10℃~+55℃
    Alarm dimension Φ115mmxH42 mm
    Key button Click the button, photo would be taken and sent to APP, meanwhile alarm turn off after 3 sounds.
    Long press the button to go factory reset.
    Smoke alarm Test frequency 1 time per minute.
    Test no smoke, no notification, no uploading.
    Test smoke, photos would be sent to APP, 1pcs per 15 seconds, over after 6pcs or turned off by hand.
    LED Indicator Waiting for network connection: Red LED lighting blinker 1 time per 1 second. Network off: Red LED lighting blinker 1 time per 3 seconds. Network connecting: Red LED lighting turn off. Photo notification sent: Red LED lighting fast blinker 3 seconds and then turn off. Smoke alarm triggered: Red LED lighting fast blinker till APP end be turned off. Low-power alarm: Red LED lighting blinker 1 time per 10 seconds
    Make-up lighting Red LED lighting is on for 5 seconds.