Title: view your camera with your iPhone and android cell phone [Print this page]

author: hbadmin    time: 2012-9-13 23:14
Title: view your camera with your iPhone and android cell phone
for VStarcam Pangolin series(plug and play ip camera),we have another way to view the camera with your iPhone or android cell phone

1:this  just for vstarcam Pangolin series ip camera
2:it is support android and iPhone
3:it is free for VStarcam customer,you candownload from the 3g.gocam.so
4:it is support chinese and english version
5:You can add unlimited camera in your software
5:you can view the  record by your cell phone from the tf card built in the camera
now let's show how install it and work .

author: Onsch1991    time: 2018-10-15 18:07
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author: VS-support1    time: 2018-10-17 10:36
Dear Sir/Madam,
Thanks for your message, 1.our cameras APP have ios (iphone , ipad, ipod), android phone versions,
2.our all APPS are free to download for users,  3.Our product have Chinese and English Web UI, and also Chinese and English language voice,
For our APP, have 15 languages, the APP languge depends on user's phone operation language,  4. our phone APP can add up to 64 sets,
5, users can view history record video clips both saved in SD card and phone local strorage.
You said pangolin series IP camera, it is our older model cameras, it have been praised by all our customers for a long term time.

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