Title: RTSP to enigma2, password problem? [Print this page]

author: tg555    time: 2019-9-10 19:33
Title: RTSP to enigma2, password problem?
Edited by tg555 at 2019-9-10 19:53 \n\n Edited by tg555 at 2019-9-10 19:52 \n\nHallo, i bought G43S ipcam and i try to add it to my VU+ Duo2 satelitte reciver. I found rtsp stream which is like rtsp://admin:my_passord@ and it working on my phone and on pc by vlc with no problem but i can not get picture on my VU+. I guess it could be problem with password because I have already added one ipcam with rtsp and have no problem with picture but this camera has no password set so adress is like: rtsp:// So can i reset password to blank (nothing)? or mayby you have solution in other way?
Please help,


Edit: i found solution - just have to change ...0554/tcp/av0_0 to ...0554/udp/av0_0 and now it is working

By the way - anyone knows how to change language in eye4 app to english? Polish translate is very poor unfortunally?
author: VS-support1    time: 2019-9-17 11:31
Hi, Sir/Madam,
cannot set blank password. we have set default password is 88888, if you have change it, you must input the new password correctly.
APP language depends on your phone's language, please change your phone language to English.  polish translte is poor, we will fix in time.

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