Title: T series , my password inner access doent work [Print this page]

author: spyker123    time: 2020-4-7 09:45
Title: T series , my password inner access doent work
Edited by spyker123 at 2020-4-7 09:51 \n\nI need to setup snapshot forwarding to email, it worked before .I have a T7837WIP CAM . When i try to lock into the IE web, i go to camfinder . i click on the inner access open then it asks for a User name and Password.I have done reset Admin and 888888 no luck ???? . I need to setup mail forwarding , have have done this before if it opens but now does not open due to password and user name ?? Done it witout port forwarding. VSTC060545RUSUD.Dont you keep record of passwords or password retreval ??LOOKS LIKE THE C 37 C 37 S
author: VS-support1    time: 2020-4-9 22:37
Dear Sir/Madam,
username is admin    password is 888888   this is the inistal password.
if you have modify it before, now you need to reset camera to factory settings, the password will return to 88888.
reset method: power on camera, long press reset button for about 5-20 seconds till camera began to restart.

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